Meanwhile in…(17 Photos)

  • hiq

    Poland: This isn’t the stereotype of my nation!!!

  • dude

    my pals and i just ate big pan of brownie, as seen in the number 9

  • rute

    i would soo like it BUT, dude, Poland and Lithuania are NOT the same and the picture of OUR national heritage with no teeth is “meanwhile in Lithuania”. please be more considerate next time 🙂

  • madamecursorla

    The fat man without a shirt chasing a bear with a stick is just hilarious no matter WHERE it’s from! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I had to pause and just keep looking at it for a while. I am madamecursurla and I approve this picture.

  • ssss

    Meanwhile in Poland…this pic was actually taken in Russia

  • bobowhat

    ff tare:D :))

  • Phideauxe

    It's funny how you can post stereotypical pictures of Americans that obviously don't represent the majority, and no one gives a shit because obviously it's a joke. But label one hilarious picture as Poland, and they're ready to start WW3. Like the guy above said, ya Polacks, "IT'S A JOKE. STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE."

  • vegeta

    lol all of these are correct 😀 😀

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