Sometimes words are poetry, and then there are these (22 Photos)

  • Solovian

    lololol first

    • RubberDogTurds


  • Vivek

    yay second!!!…ah the degrading standards… recession i tell you..!!

  • thatsnotausername

    jackasses is both of you..
    That being said.. #16..LOL ! but really..
    ” Well i dont know there timmy, you saw the sign.. they even know where we stand!”

  • Chaim

    I think I work with the guy in #8.

  • Jon without the h

    Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.

    I bet #10 would be funny if we could read the sign. Way too blurry.

    • Mephistopheles

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • nouu

    it says america owes them free health care, jobs, and homes….fuckin wetbacks.

    • Spiderpig615

      Woah hold the fuck up.!!! Stop using that word because many of us don’t even get wet anymore! The only times we get wet is when your damn sprinklers come on while we mow your lawn for 20 dollars.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        20 dollars for a lawn mow!? Ridiculous. You get 10 and maybe some Gatorade. Lemon lime Gatorade.

        • fourtwenty

          that’s fucked up. lemon lime gatorade is for whitey. we like corona. duh. richard pryor———->

        • Spiderpig615

          Cheap ass! Your the kind we don’t offer our services to only the rich Americans.
          And fuck your lime-Gatorade pull out the coronas with lime. Then we will charge $10.00!!

  • CunningLinguist

    what does the sign in the pic on #10 say?

  • ch0nies

    HEY…wetbacks make the best breakfast burritos ever, keep our lawns looking good and sell the most delicious oranges youll ever eat, shame on you.

    sincerely a proud wetback.

  • Anonymous

    girls in pic number 5 and 11 need way more pics… im just sayin

  • john

    need more pictures of the girl in pic 5 and the girl in pic 11 ASAP

  • LiaMMV

    Newton’s laws dictate that objects of different mass will fall at equal rates if acted upon by the same force of gravity. It’s likely the girl in the picture just jumped earlier.
    Also I don’t understand why America should be made synonymous with Pokemon when the franchise is primarily Japanese.

    • aosux

      well that just means she’s fat and stupid. double fail!

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Newtons law says you’re a dumbass. Here’s why:

      The two objects fall at the same rate once they hit maximum velocity (or some shit like that). In order to do that something has to be in free fall for more than the two seconds fatty was airborn.

      We all know she just can’t jump, plain and simple.

      • GrannY DanGer

        2 seconds is a lot

      • LiaMMV

        Nowhere in the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica does it state that I am a dumbass. You are sadly mistaken. I am sorry.

        • thatsnotausername

          10bucks says you thumbed up yourself…… giggity?

    • Hubble

      She’s down there already because she could barely flop all of her girth off the dock; the other girls jumped.

  • tommybhoy

    #4…when the zombies are out am chapping this guys door
    #22 FTW (the nerd in me)

  • Equalizer

    Me want #11!!! ughhhhhhh……..

  • Anonymous

    11! 11! 11! You get the point

  • aleXTC

    I like SaintxXxAsh. She is funny, smart, not a bitch, and looks pretty. Keep posting girl

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Hah, thanks for the love brah.

    • yay

      and she’s not a self-absorbed trailer trash hooker like HHNF!! yay for SaintXxAsh for showing not all girls on the interwebz are self-centered, opnionated morons!

      • thatsnotausername

        And yet here you are bashing HHNF, A Profile Pic and a Username so far as you’re concerned, while looking for brownie points from another Profile & Username.. do us all a favour put down the tube sock and lotion and go look for a girl..perhaps not a “girls on the interwebz”… jackass
        No offence Saint

        • SaintxXxAsh

          none taken, i’m not looking for a man on ‘teh interwebz’ 😉

  • texbritt12

    So the guy and girl in #8 went to the University of Akron in Ohio!

  • doo dah doo doo

    #11 is denise milani. you’re welcome.

  • Daan

    #9 So chive, what's up with the postage-stamp resolutions, or am I supposed to be able to read this? It's 2011, people without broadband have no business here…

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