The worst magazine photoshop blunders ever (31 Photos)

  • Ditchpig2000


    • 88


    • Shgall

      #24 No belly button as Sam said

      #20 Half the grill has be removed

    • mattimus

      belly button

    • Anonymous

      She has no belly button in #24

    • Anonymous

      no belly button

    • TheMrs

      No bellybutton

  • Sam

    no belly button…

  • Anonymous


    • rollem78

      missing half of right foot

      • Deal Masen

        or there’s something terribly wrong with her right femur.

        • Mattythegooch


        • Matt

          lol yeah its her leg, not her foot. look at the right foot. its coming out of her left. can’t possibly be attached to her hips.

  • Bud Ugly

    I’m not entirely sure about #11 and #17.

    #11 might be that her right leg is much thinner than the left?

  • gozergirl

    17 and 18?

    • xnun

      #17 the shadow doesn’t line up with the thingy and #18 the reflection is backwards from the ipods.

  • scbrandon

    it took me a while to notice but the shadow on #17 does not match up at all with the pic

    • Anonymous

      Same with #18

  • Spiderpig615


  • elbruce

    Paging Winston Smith…

  • the nerdy younger brother

    Good post, and I’ve seen quite a few photoshops in my time.

  • Sheng

    #15 is best resume ever

  • CoffeeAnyone

    Has anyone read #4?

    • Cydonia

      I just noticed that. Maybe those hot moves will give you a man-hand tumor on your arm.

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  • aosux

    I would do Veronica Kay with or without that leg

  • earh


    • Jon without the h

      The reflection says 4 GB but the actual picture is of an 8 GB card.

  • Cydonia

    I can’t stop laughing at that arm in #12 and the evil twin in #8.

  • tehb

    Some of these seem really stupid for how they were screwed up, and because they should be entirely unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    # 2 really isnt a mess up. The girl is a 1 legged surfer. Look her up

  • Danny

    Veronica Kay isn't a one legged surfer, maybe YOU should look her up.

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