• TMS

    James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd) visited the mall where BTTF was filmed and apparently there’s still some tape on the ground from where they had started the fire trails from the DeLorean. As for the name of the mall, if you watch the movies closely enough there’s little time changing jokes like that all over the place.

  • John G

    How come the Doc didn’t cure his illness?

  • gus

    really, this took 25 years to see? [2]

  • Anonymous

    my mind cherry has been exploded. i have seen this movie hundreds of times and I never noticed this. great eye whoever saw this and is not lying about it

  • biff

    i hate manure

  • Dude Republic

    sigh. worst post ever on chive.

  • Rich

    also marty’s pepsi changes from a pepsi to a pepsi free after he goes to the diner and talks to the shop owner who bitches at the future mayor
    you want a pepsi pal, you’re gonna pay for it

  • poo

    this is cool and all but what really rocks is that he went back in time and made out with his mum as a teen.

  • p.i.

    sign sign everywhere a sign.

  • Lambo2020

    What no Chive watermark???????????????????? Whaaaaaa no way u not taking credit for this??????????????? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????????/

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  • A. Nonamus

    @TMS: That’s total B.S. That parking lot has been repaved several times over since then (it’s F***ing asphalt, people!). I live near there, and while the JCPenney hasn’t changed much, other parts of the mall have, and you might have a hard time finding some of the sections seen during the chase with the Libyans, because the parking lot layout is very different in some places now.

    BTW, I noticed the Twin Pines/Lone Pine sign change the first time I saw the movie in 1985 when I was still in high school. There are LOTS of subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes and references between the beginning and end of the movie relating to Marty’s trip to the past.

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