Bugatti EB 110 doesn’t suck (21 Photos)

This little dove sells for about 3 quarters of a million. So if you can buy this, piss off.

  • Robinis

    actually it sucks..

  • Pufffdragon

    The speedometer was cool. But that is one ugly ass car!

  • SwampDonkey

    Hey, it’s less than half what that diamond cell phone costs and which one would you rather have?

    That dash board sucks though.

  • Bruno420

    It's a V12 with 4 turbos (like the Veyron) and 2 intercoolers.

    Packing 611cv.


    • DubStu

      Wrong! The Veyron is a W16 quad turbo… 😉

  • CustardFiend

    Bugatti Veyron says hello

  • Spiderpig615

    Lose the front bumper change the color and the wheels and it will be sexy.

  • crazy

    Schumi’s ride.

  • sensijoe

    in all honesty, i thought this was a joke when i saw the title. one of the ugliest cars ive seen, let alone Bugatti’s. its hard to think this is made by the same people. still, if you gave it to me i wouldn’t set it on fire…

  • sensijoe

    i actually thought it resembled a nissan Z with that front nose…

  • Equalizer

    #2 – is that you Bob?

  • Bruno420

    You guys DO know that this car is from 1991, right?
    This car was THE car in the mid 90’s. =]
    It’s awesome!

    • garp

      …well that would make sense because by today’s stadards this thing looks like a kit car

      • Tyler

        a very classic car indeed, still whoops ass by todays standards

    • Belisario

      I contradict Sir !! it was a the ugliest of the supercars in the early 90’s.. Every real man should know about :
      ***Ferrari F40***, ***McLaren F1*** and ***Lamborghini Diablo SE30***
      No other generation touches these cars !!

    • nube

      Well that makes sense cause the damn thing looks like a Mitsubishi 3000GT.

  • aosux

    It looks like a retard tried to put together a lambo.

  • Mattythegooch

    Lotus Esprit on A.I.D.s

  • Blip

    That is one ugly POS.

  • Matt

    wow Bugatti actually made a nice looking car!! its nicer looking than the Veyron

  • AdolfOliverNeeples

    Naw das jus nastay…

  • top dog

    I’ll take one… charcoal grey please.

  • HellHathNoFury

    leave it to a girl to say that it looks like a super-conspicuous face whistling and looking innocent in 7.

  • thatdude

    just like you

  • Chucky

    Just because Michael Schumaker owned one doesn’t prevent it from sucking

  • Brandon

    Looks like an ’80s Lambourghini.

  • macrda

    U G L Y you ain’t go no alibi…………you ugly

  • Bartonhold Smith

    Your car would look out of place. This one's too cool to be a company car. Wear shades there, and a dark grey business suit.
    Acai Advanced

  • Clint

    Nice car no doubt, but I still prefer the design and style of the Enzo Ferrari in these classes of cars. Just my preference.

    [IMG ][/IMG]

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