Celebrities went to the Prom too (16 Photos)

  • Jerry Collins

    Michelle Obama went to prom with Cleveland, apparently.

  • John G

    #5 could be a monkey?

    • PartyMarty

      Uh, objection! Incredibly racist!

      But seriously guy, piss off. That's not cool.

  • Michelle

    Is #4 Kelly Preston?

  • xajr8r

    Sandra Bullocks date (#11) looks like James Franco with acne

  • ken

    Great snap of Meg Ryan (#10). Will Ferrel looks like a serial killer but his date was a total dish! Gaga with sunglasses….that figures.

  • tangotut

    Why don’t they just TELL us who these people are?

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    no one in the first family should be considered a celebrity, i don't care who its. whats wrong with this country

  • Swaminarayan

    #3 Never liked the SLR much but the 722 is one sexy bitch.#9 A one-off Rolls Royce Hyperion Drop Top. Didn’t even know someone had bgohut it. It’s designed by Pininfarina by the way.#26 The last Bugatti made before the Veyron, the EB110This collection is sorely lacking a Lambo LP550-2 and LP670-4 SV though. Not as expensive as a Veyron but so much cooler. The Koenigsegg CCX is probably my favorite here.

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