Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

  • texwatson

    #6 FTW

    —> eddie murphy?

  • A

    Also in #7 the mountain or whatever it is, ends abruptly after her ass.

  • gizahgin

    Where is #22 located in the world?

  • gus

    #19 – I have a photo on that same plane!!!
    That was taken in Poços de Caldas/Minas Gerais here in Brasil…

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  • Markkens

    #6 would be the best ride at the carnival…

    and yeah, #4 just screws me up in so many ways…I’m joinin’ PETA tomorrow.

  • ikindalikeapples

    i have the shirt in 15. i got it at spencers 😀

  • CunningLinguist

    #22 is an awesome looking photo, does anyone know what/where that is?
    .#24…. is this a precursor to terminator 5?

  • norm

    26 – I think we can stop with The Rock ones already.

  • almondtofu

    Anyone know who the girl in #6 is?

  • poo

    i dont get 29.
    whats every damn time?
    every time you wank you get a lollypop?

  • TiminPhx

    Number One is the contribution Obama is going to make towards protecting our entire Southern Border.

  • Navy Adam

    #7 Should say “All I got to say is… thank the lord for microsoft paint!”

  • JJJ

    Does anyone have a link to a high-res version of pic #1?

  • Anonymous


  • Doug

    I have the towel in #28, stood on #17, and lived in Indy when the had #14. THIS is a good one CHIVE!!

  • http://twitter.com/MindlessBanter1 @MindlessBanter1

    #23 Epic Win!!!

  • Sean

    #29 *Does Brad Pitt finger point from the Ocean's movies* Exactly.

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