Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

  • aosux

    #3 is awesome!

    • wild bill

      #4 is so cute, you’ll shit butterflies for a week*

      *joke stolen from collegehumor.com

  • kjellupa

    What’s so special about #7?

    • bowhuntpa

      photoshopped fupa

    • aosux

      I believe she photoshoped her pugg

      • HellHathNoFury

        What’s worse is the comment below it from a godawful song, repeated by every uninspired Don Juan ever.

  • clungebeast


    • Robbo

      Haha, that needs to be #1’s comment

      • Gibby

        thank you captian obvious…

        • donuteyes

          more like ‘caption’ obvious if you ask me!!

  • MacheteJack

    I can’t see #7 either.

    • Jon without the h

      If you look at the area right in front of her stomach, you will see some discoloration…suggesting photoshop. She digitally chopped off her belly before she posted her picture to Facebook. Next time she needs to match the color better.

      • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

        Next time she just needs to put down the sammich

        • cudaman

          That sammich should have gone to me!

  • aosux

    #28 knows how to take a pic…and the kid knows how to bomb

  • Rick

    Did #7 photoshop out a dildo or something?

  • toilet paper

    Ogre-loads drain my monster’s balls

  • Robbo

    If 18 is true, I’m a mass murderer

    • Mark

      If 18 is true then 6 causes many murders

      • Himmler

        # 6 Comrades I’m starting a new genocide… fap fap fap

  • lyndseyymarie

    I think she photoshopped out her belly in #7… or covered over it with baby blue in miss paint or something haha.

    #2 those are sooo fuckin good.

    and #4 is the cutest thing EVAR.

    • Furthy

      #4 made me feel terrible…I think that they are huddling together for warmth.

  • wazzzup

    pugg??? more like GUNT

    • aosux

      Thats pretty good

  • zym

    #9 – I’m taking this shit from dopey to douchey!

  • Anonymous

    Number 6 is hot.. give me names, I want to murder some sperm…

  • Hubble

    as for 29, Blow Pops are totally worth it…I’d do anything short of running a mile for Blow Pops. cuz running a mile sucks.

    • CunningLinguist

      not when youre bein’ chased by the cops, but i guess you wouldnt know anything about that….. and neither would i…..

      • NessaAnn

        No, I think running a mile from the cops would still suck.

  • Ty

    What am I missing in #9. Two pictures of the same guy. The first one is dark and he is grinning. The second one is a mirror shot of him showing off his muscles.

    • Anonmouse

      Looks like before/after he started losing weight and working out pics.

    • norm

      Yeah, I don’t get it either – is he a reality tv celeb or something?

  • OhsuzyQ

    #23 are CREPES!! not pancakes.

    • Zarquon

      Isn’t “crepe” French for pancake?

      ”Crêpe” actually

      • HellHathNoFury

        Crepes have egg, sugar, milk and butter in them, and usually baking powder, almond and vanilla extract if they’re good. The eggs and baking powder makes them super fluffy and light, whereas pancakes have no egg are heavy and deliciously fattening, and crepes are stuck-up but nommy.

        • AliDimayev

          Pancakes have egg in them usually.

        • Cheez

          Shut up. Wish I could roll up a fat pancake to slap you across the face.

        • Cheez

          That means you, HellHathNoShutUp.

          • HellHathNoShutUp

            How about: stop paying so much attention to me? Creeper.

            • Cheez

              Don’t flatter yourself, sugar tits. Unlike your small fan club, I’m not hoping for a miraculous internet-founded relationship, hence the STFU.
              It’s hard not to notice your posts when 1 in 5 Chive comments are one of your matter-of-fact pieces of shit.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Do I really need to repeat myself? Quit coming back to me then, hater.

            • MichaelGS

              ‘Oh what’s occuring?!’

        • radiodial

          so where did all these misogynist HHNF hater’s come from?

        • Anonymous

          Speaking of stuck-up but nommy…

  • SaintxXxAsh

    My afternoon just got a little better

  • zellmerfudd

    #23….Nutella is absolutely disgusting…

  • Jeff

    who is the DJ is 16? and can I be him?

  • Equalizer

    #20 – What a great idea! I want to see the girl without the towel too…

  • Anonymous

    hopefully the numb nuts taking the photos of the cat and dog noticed the dog was starving and actually did something good about the situation

  • nasty3betty

    what the french toast!! # 21 that is hilarious!!

  • Reddit

    Chive = What you just saw on Reddit and a couple of other pics

  • room406

    #27 ends badly, yes?

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I murder every night apparently.

  • ken

    #4 saddens me every time I see it. The stray cat (who is not looking all that great herself) has more compassion for a sick puppy than the human with the camera? I hope the person with the camera is waiting for their friend to get back with a leash and bowl of food for both critters.

    On the other hand, #5 (Ferris wheel “200 feet high club) and #13 (Mickey and Minnie & the Mushroom Cloud) made me laugh!

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