Duuuuuude. I can’t get that taste out of my eyes (19 Photos)

  • SaintxXxAsh

    at least theres no risk of dick scrape-age [sp] with #3

    • Nameless

      Nope. But a whole lotta soul scrape-age.

    • CunningLinguist

      yeah, chances are dick scrapage is the least of your worries. meth mouth, thats all im sayin’. i mean, seriously, who knows whats been in there….. any number of dudes, hasselhof, motor oil…… i mean, if this is your last resort, man, theres always masturbation. i mean hey, thats the date that never complains, is never late and always pleases…unless you have mpd or somethin…..

      • Spiderpig615

        No dick injuries with number 12…she gives a blowjob a whole new meaning.

      • CunningLinguist

        …..you know. just throwin that out there.

    • kaylyn

      That is so freakin weird,random,stupid,and funny at the same time!

  • thatsnotausername

    potential in #12?

    • kaylyn

      That is so freakin gross man but my cousin has that same problem so i have to live with it

  • top dog

    #4 ain't bad, thats just a gymnast in motion. The rest are just not right….and sick.

    Grandmas, you put your blouses down!! bad bad grandmas!!

    • kaylyn

      This woman is so freakin flexible but i can so that to

  • Equalizer

    #6 doesn't look like an Ass, it looks like Shit

    • Dalevich

      I know, right. It's not even anatomically correct

    • kaylyn

      That is just random,nasty,and stupid and now I am done eating and i just started eating!

  • keithp420

    who's the dude in #17, oh wait, never mind…

    • kaylyn

      wow this man/woman i don't know wat she/he is!

  • nouu

    fat people…die plz.

    • Zach

      Fuck you man, fat people are people too. I’m not ashamed, I’m a big man. I’ve got no problems embracing it either. As long as you’re happy with yourself it all that matters

    • frankenscrote

      But bro if all the fatties die, the fast food industry will collapse. If the food industry collapses, where are you going to work bro?

  • Anonymous

    #2 is once again, pure epicness

    • kaylyn

      that oreo is so freakin tight and i want to eat all by myself and not sharing!

  • confused

    What a bad way to start the morning off

  • Mustafa_Beer

    When 6 inch bugs are the least disturbing pics in the morning, you know what kind of day it will be…

  • nomad 78

    Dear chive…
    It is not right to post these type of fugly pics.

  • ROK

    i love how people on meth walk around thinking no one knows the real reason why their front teeth are stained black or missing entirely. morons.

  • Romo

    the “leia”-picture is just wrong, wrong, wrong……

    • exexec

      Remember watching that scene in “Return of the Jedi” and wondering, “What would the offspring of Leia and Jabba look like?” Well, now we know.

  • rhythmdevil

    #11 ate #2

  • HardCore Mike

    What has been seen… can not be unseen!

  • bowhuntpa

    what kind of spider is that?

    • top dog

      It’s a big ass spider.

      • Jon without the h

        I believe that classification is “arachnidis gluteus maximus.”

        • HellHathNoFury

          It’s of the Holius Fuckera Ima Needa Bigger Shoe variety

          • (A)

            It’s actually the “That’s in my house? I’m fucking moving.” species.

  • ChrisDG74

    Oh, please make it stop. It burns, it burns!

  • zym

    Some days I love Chive, some days I hate Chive. This is a latter day.

    • Anonymous

      Like most serious relationships, you gotta take the good with the bad.

  • Dub

    I just wish I could unsee this post

  • garp

    ….trying to eat some god-damn breakfast here, bastards

    • king


  • the Dude

    whos up for a gummy with number 3

  • DaddyD

    I want to know the stories behind 1 and 8.
    2 is awesome … what dedication!
    I’m in lust with 4 … I will wait until she turns 18!
    16 … tastes like chicken.
    What’s wrong with 19? Probably 70% of the world’s male population wears a bathing suit like this to the beach.

  • SteelPenguin

    #18 – “You must mean girl Michael” or “I thought you wanted a holy trinity”.

  • creepsareforkeeps

    Madonna looks like a roadie for the Rolling Stones.

  • reecedawg

    chive has fucked up my whole day, I won’t be able to eat lunch, this has to be the sickest shit I have ever seen……..fuckers!

  • Blip

    #14 there is about a liter of water in that pool.

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