Duuuuuude. I can’t get that taste out of my eyes (19 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    So you guys wanted pics of me? There they are!

  • Nelson (DJ NEWYORICAN)


    • HellHathNoFury

      Sorry about you little problem, there.

  • aosux

    Why? Chive, Why?!

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  • sdgfdg

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    • exexec

      Somehow, given the gack-tastic post this spam is connected to, it just seems fitting.

  • Anonymous


  • Jerry Collins

    Good to see Madonna’s transformation into Iggy Pop is going well.

  • clungebeast

    I would hit #3………with a brick! High five?
    #12 looks like there’s a giant japs eye coming out of her mouth ( japs eye being a bell end for those who don’t know. Don’t know what a bell end is? Come see me later)

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  • ken

    I wonder if the split-tongue person can speak normally or is there a lisp? They speak with forked tongue, obviously (just to ward off that obvious response!)

  • LOL

    I didn’t click…all day long…NO CLICKING…I wasn’t gonna do it…you couldn’t make me Leo…but here I sit…needing the battery acid eye drops…damn you Leo…damn you! 😛

  • petec

    The spider is called a Huntsman from Australia. Not deadly but still not nice to have one run up your arm.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the women here were photographed at a recent St. Helens, Oregon beauty pageant. You should see the ones who were too ugly to enter.

  • orbitalmind

    Is 17 Madonna? And is that really the way her hands look? Those are some fugly hands for a woman!!

  • shatnersbasson

    number 18 wtf lol

  • DJ

    #3 (what people are calling the meth head) looks like she _USED TO BE_ a beautiful woman. That is a pity.

  • dattai

    very coool

  • Jorge Jorge E

    omg this crazy

  • bitchtit

    You're all douchebags..

  • Patrick

    (Shakes head violently yelling) ETCH A SKETCH! ETCH A SKETCH! WHY IT NO WORKING?!? ; (

  • molv

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  • Jeremy

    #13 "MASSIVE" FAIL

  • kaylyn

    that woman is so freakin buff and her OO are so freakin buff

  • Pezski

    This post is so full of wrong and yet I still scrolled to the bottom of it

  • ChukDee

    #17 Madonna or Jagger? Can't tell

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