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I had to take one HR class and got yelled at; I’d say it was worth it.
theBrigade wants to show-off your Photos
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  • dt520

    #5 would totally be worth getting caught for

    #10 that isn’t even funny, i bet a chick 20 bucks in 6th grade she couldn’t use a urinal standing up and i lost 20 bucks.

  • jEDROL

    #3 is an utter disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • OWW

    You should be ashamed for putting number 3 up.

    Disgusting and really hurts the image of the American soldier.

  • Willie

    Jesus Christ how the fuck did #3 get on here.
    Making light of what is written on that sign (true or false) us utterly appalling.

    Pull you heads in Chive.

  • boonard

    Wow 3 is just gross.

    I love The Chive but that is reason enough to leave and never come back.

    Just disgraceful.

  • mooses

    The rest of the world looks at American's with distain at the best of times but number 3 just personifies all that is wrong with the country.

    An truly abhorrent act by the soldier and The Chive is no better for posting it.

  • xxx

    18 – US Marines??

  • Big J

    #3 is awesome. Fuck em if they can't take a joke!

    • Mooses

      American right wing right??

      • MoosesKnowBest

        American left wing right??

        • Mooses

          Australian, educated

  • Penelope

    My husband is in the military and these gave him a good laugh.
    They are hilarious. After all the shit the military goes through…its nice to see there left with a sense of humor.

    • LOL/Lisa M on Chive

      Penelope, for the sacrifices you and your family make, every day, just so your husband can do his job and protect my freedom, I thank you all from the depths of my soul. It means more to me than any words can ever show. Truly, thank you.

      As for #3, I think the words may be photoshopped onto the cardboard but I don't know. Regardless, it is just ugly.

  • blah blah blah

    as for number 14 maybe you yanks should remember if it wasn't for the french military you'd all still be a Brit colony not to mention the thousands of french soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan daily

    • Babe

      French showed up late and only kept British forces from retreating back to their ships. Good try though.

      • Greg

        ah ah. France was involved in American Revolutionary War as soon as 1776, giving money and supplies to the colonies. What more can you expect in a world where it takes weeks, if not months to travels from one continent to another?

    • Mooses

      Same French who gave up mid WW2??

  • Greg

    why would the French military edit a magazine in english?

  • Osama

    when is america gona win a war for once

  • jkn

    #18 meanwhile in finland…

  • Mr.Deeds

    #3 This is funny, plain and simple.

  • spiket123

    im still joining the marines #16

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