I Googled ‘hot bartender’ but I guess Google is broken (33 Photos)

  • Joe

    Not all of them are ugly, but yes, most are….

    • Moragami

      It seems John has a problem with: Asian women, and women with huge fake boobs. Their are quite a few that I'd consider hot.
      #8, #11, #24, & #32 all deserve props for being hot bartenders

  • aosux

    A couple of these aren’t that bad.

    • filliam h muffman

      Instead of the blanket “you’re doing it wrong” we need a “you’re trying too hard” meme. Internets deliver us!

  • johnisgay

    most of them are hot, john is gay, i’ll still hit it

    • Levitating

      when you say ''hit it' do you mean with you're cock to their face?
      or do you mean
      punch them titties?

  • me

    not all that bad…

  • Matt

    actually i’d say close to half of these girls are actually pretty good. but yeah some are uhhhhh…..

  • HellHathNoFury

    some of these women are stunning, and others look like (un)reformed biker whores.

    • Thor Mannion

      so true

  • zym

    15, 22, and 24…I demand to know what’s ugly about them. Besides their souls. You can’t see their souls, so that’s not an acceptable answer.

  • tyquan

    I love the bottle shaped figures on #12…I’m talking about the liquor.

  • Big Bob

    Just because a woman is not a drop dead gorgeous model does not make her ugly by any means. Several of these woman are indeed hot, even more so after they’ve served you a few drinks!

  • top dog

    Some of em look pretty good, not that I care. When I walk into a bar my only concern is can the bar tender fix a good damn drink. They can look like a baboons ass, just give me my moneys worth and I’ll be back there again, sitting at the bar, talking shit to the bar tender. I always tip the good ones.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dear 25: remember when you couldn’t find those Easter eggs? Your plastic surgeon stole them.

    • Big Bob

      If they’re still soft and squishy, I’d be willing to play with them! And give them a taste-test while I’m at it!

      • HellHathNoFury

        They don’t look squishy at all. They’re not soft and round, they actually look painful.

        • Big Bob

          ok HHNF, I’ll take one for the team and give them a squeeze. I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning on how they feel…deal? (I wish!)

          • Robbo

            Big fake boobs on a woman who only has about 5% body fat judging by the photo just looks silly, if you want a boob job get one that is proportionate to body mass

          • MetalPetals

            Big Bob I think your tits have a better chance at being squishier n softer. Can I squeeze urs?

            • Big Bob

              Depends on three things….if you are female, I’ll need to see a pic first, and I’ll have to ask my wife if it’s ok. Pass those three tests and feel away!

    • Thor Mannion

      that's nasty

  • rtyrygd

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    • Anonmouse

      Just the fact that you have to resort to spamming in the comments section of a completely unrelated site shows all of us exactly what kind of low-level operation you have running there. While other companies pay for advertising that shows up on the upper right part of the Chive page, your pathetic attempt to gain customers makes you look even less professional then kids selling lemonade on a street corner. Now fuck yourself and go away already.

      • matt

        just the fact that you are replying to a spambot shows your low-level thinking. Hoping that you know its just a program and that they are NOT going to change their advertising habits by reading your comment, I ask, do you feel better getting that off your chest?

        • Anonmouse

          Actually Matt, yes I do feel better. Thanks for asking. It’s also cute how you use the “Just the fact that…” line. Imitation/flattery and all that. Did I REALLY think that some cheesy company would alter their lame advertising methods after reading some random guy’s comments on the net? Nope, not one bit. What I did accomplish was pointing out exactly how lame it was to anyone here that wanted to read it. Get it now?

    • zym


  • HardCore Mike

    Not too shabby!! The coconuts chick looks shopped, though….

    • HimAgain

      Can you tell by some of the pixals and from seeing a lot shops in your day or are you just guessing?

      • Clat1

        you can tell because her hair and just a bit of her forehead are out of focus, but her face is in complete focus.

  • Brzooza

    #14 shes pornstar, alexis amore, not bartender

  • nouu

    john is obviously a fucking douche bag and none of you fucking retards would turn down any of these bitches…hhnf once again stfu.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Not all of us are so desperate.
      If people here don’t like John, they need to shut their god damned mouths and leave. It’s John, Leo and Bob’s website, you’re just visiting.

      • B-cuz

        The right to free speech that makes this site possible also guarantees us the right to gripe about it. As far as what we should do, we should probably go back to work and stop killing time on this site.

  • Angryviking

    What makes them ugly is acting like hoes..

    10, 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26 Yeah we get it, you have boobs !
    17, 19, 20 Ok, you have an @ss..your mom must be proud !

  • Anonymous

    Those bartenders in 12 are small!

  • McBeastie

    Not all of these women are bad looking…and I bet all of them work harder at their jobs than you John. Googling “hot bartender”…..whew….you better take a nap after that hard day’s work.

    • etchasketchasaurus

      He had to right-click and save, then upload….Google doesn’t do everything asshole, geeeez hater.

      • McBeastie

        Well excuse me for stickin’ up for the hard working, bottle-opening, bourbon pouring, more attractive with every drink women toiling behind the bar that are keeping me drunk………asshole, right back at ya.

  • Durbo

    With the proper beer goggles, there’s not a single one I wouldn’t tap!

  • Anonymous

    #4 Yellow fishnet WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • flenin

    im sure when i look at 23 sometimes i see more than 2 eyes…

  • Dirtball

    Looks like #26 has Chewbacca in a leg lock

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I bet most of these girls go home with a decent amount of tips. Remember, they usually don’t get paid much, and their tips are their main income. If a clevage shot or short skirt bolsters their income, good for them. I have dated enough bartenders to know that they are selling the image as well as drinks. I have no problem with any of them…

  • femtrooper

    #s 6 & 25 are not ugly, I think they’re really cute.

  • NTFW

    I’m confused by the title… some of them I’d consider getting on top of.
    …. and LOLOLOL 6@Meyli – I seen her before, she looks little better in person.

    asian with big boobs, i’d still get on it so I have a bias though.

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