I Googled ‘hot bartender’ but I guess Google is broken (33 Photos)

  • damn

    #25 = Hillary Fisher?

  • clungebeast


    • tommybhoy

      ^^^^^ haha not heard that saying in a long time!

  • Spiderpig615

    I feel a rising in my pants.

  • zahatsee

    8,9,11,12,24…ALL hot !

    what gives?

  • Anonymous

    I would fuck each and every one of them twice!

  • Anonymous

    Even though crack is my intoxicant of choice, I may just take up drinking now. The lady that serves me my crack is toothless and emaciated. I would love to have one of these bartenders waiting on me, instead!

  • bomb23

    woof – i need a drink

  • its me. DUH

    d00d i swear #25 is my aunt! ew…((im a girl))

    • Anonymous

      Oooooh please tell her nicely that her doctor is awful and she needs her money back. Sorry kiddo

  • PJ

    Chive you’re fucking gay. Alot of those chicks are hot.

    Fucking fags…

  • SpatulaAssassin

    OMFGawd! Some of these women don’t have completely immobilised plastic faces, or tits the size of pumpkins! They’re just plain UGLY and deserve nothing less than to be branded as such!

  • BrianStreetTeam

    Wouldn’t you know it there’s a porno called Bartenders…how awesome is that

  • dt520

    Seems like a typical Google Images search these days, I swear I have to go through 10 pages to get 5 pictures of something when all 5 used to be on the first page.

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  • the dragon

    these cameras must have been intoxicated

  • tomorrowbystorm

    #33 wins. This post made me want a rona very badly.

  • cHoLk

    #14 is not Alexis Amore?

  • Zach

    HOW is google broken they are all damn fine

  • ROR

    um, dude, are you fucking queer?? yeah, there’s some butterfaces, but some of these girls are scorchers. Fag.

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Just remember, kiddos: You can drink ’em pretty, but you can’t drink ’em thin!!

  • kp

    Un-reformed biker whores…..GOTTA Love Em!!!!!!

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  • IndigoRage

    #19, #26, and #33 Yum.

  • Anonymous


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