The Batman Begins soundtrack just got better

batman begins lead The Batman Begins soundtrack just got better

Thanks to Ben Dillon who sent this in, “It took two years of listening to this soundtrack before going to bed every night before I noticed.”
We checked the actual play list and it’s legit.

Larger version here.

  • uber guy

    zimmer rules. i met the guy once in New Orleans. he was a nice dude

  • John

    haha wow, just looked it up. it’s not shopped

  • rant

    for some reason this is awesome

  • paul rudd


  • charlie

    on purpose?

  • Anonymous

    The song names are also species of bat

  • jake

    Does anybody find it odd that some jackass actually listened to this before bed for two freakin year?

  • Anonymous

    None of you knew this??

  • ounikao

    this is actually legit. pretty awesome

  • tai fernedez sardina


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  • Pierre

    If you use all of the letters, you get "Evil McBatman".

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