Contortionism: hot or not? (15 Photos)

  • OMGUsed

    freaky. Absolutely not hot to me.


    PHOTOS # 12 AND 15

  • somethings

    There is a difference between flexible (which is hot) and this crap (which is weird). Plus, two of these girls look way way wayyy below the legal age (which is f***ed up).

  • Hotdog Neck

    This stuff is hot because guys look at it and imagine it being easy to ‘put it in there’

  • Adam

    definitely sexy (except for the CHILD near the top), even if it is weird, which sometimes may actually contribute to the sexiness, in a weird sorta way.

  • Rusty

    heh. Give ’em a speculum, and they could be their own gynecologist.

    I wish my wife were this flexible. She could lick my nuts while I was balls deep. That’s be just fantastic …

  • Anonymous

    Seen no 5 in Sydney, she fits inside the box behind her

  • garp

    …undecided if this is hot or not…#12 looks like my neighbour though, that could be hot in itself

  • Lambo2020

    Wow, Sexy stolen pics from ’round the net.

    • ChrisDG74

      Wow. Gravatar stolen from “Animal House”?

  • Joseph

    #13…those aren’t her legs, you can see her torso on the ground behind her.

  • northerner


  • Teehee

    Nothin wrong with a flexible girl 😉

  • Biju

    not hot

  • rellyaeblish

    Most definitely hot. Flexibility has to be one of the most attractive things, as far as a females bedroom skills.

  • northerner

    My lovely and older wife and I (both of us “older”…than most here) often enjoy exploring our…flexibility. It’s a definite fun asset to have!

  • northerner

    But, not to these extremes, of course, LOL!

  • Blah Blah

    Pretty effing creepy actually.

  • Greg

    Definitely not sexy to look at, but has it’s obvious benefits

  • TimPosta

    3 and 13 are only about 12

  • omar

    hot? maybe
    fun? OF COURSE!


    yes ia hot

  • Bob A.

    Definately not. Could be interesting but not so much of a turnon.

  • derek

    #15 is WAY hot

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