I’ve seen the future of fastfood, and it is good (22 Photos)

  • Thats Probably a Good Idea

    Is there anyway you can take that lunch gun and inject into my femoral artery? If not I’ll just have my failure pile in a sadness bowl.

    • Mephistopheles

      Ah yes. Everyone loves Patton Oswalt and his lunch gun.

      • aosux

        Patton Oswalt is a douchebag

  • Vivek

    First Again. 😛

    • TheDouchebagDetector

      IDIOT again is more like it.

    • Spiderpig615

      Failure. What a failure. There should be a bunch of screen shots of failures like you on CHIVE.

  • L4

    #18 needs to exist right now.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    mmm, I love In-N-Out. Animal Style baby!

  • Equalizer


  • Fail Rater

    #22 The fact that you ushed a shpider man quote on a Shtar warsh picshure angersh me. I will not tolerate thish any longer.

  • Bobby Drake

    This was not funny or eye opening in any form. Try again.

  • Joeyk

    *Driver not responsible for tempora theCHIVE.com
    haha…wait i dont get it

  • SadGizmodo

    Why did you steal every one of these images from a contest on gizmodo?

  • EN051

    This was funny when Gizmodo ran the photoshop contest a week ago. How’s about you properly attribute the works to their respective authors Chive.com?

  • Thieves!

    How can you post this with your own watermark at the bottom? If you are gonna steal, at least give credit to the source. I am sure the people at Gizmodo who created these images don’t want to see your stamp on their work!

  • Tom Something

    You’ve published someone else’s work without permission, attribution, or context. To make matters worse, you’ve watermarked the images with your own brand.

    The Gizmodo community is not happy about this. I suggest you find a way to resolve this quickly.

  • mattywestside

    20…. oh the suspense…..

  • Lambo2020

    Dumb-ass Chive with their dumb-ass logo fukcing up pics from ’round the net.

  • Lambo2020

    Pic thieves.

  • Anonymous

    stop bitching

  • 88

    #20 is awesome. 30 minutes before you even decide to order some pizza – it arrives 😀

  • JJJ

    Don’t forget the fast food feedbag!

  • anonymous

    I always thought we’d just have it injected into our asses and be on our way

  • Floopa_Joopa

    If #18 were possible, I’d be the happiest man in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Chive, can you work on putting your watermarks about an inch above important font in photos? I.e. photo 20 and motivational posters too

  • Corran

    Flight of the Conchords cover it is.

  • Josh

    way to misspell Halliburton Number 5

  • Josh

    so in the future iPads are still going to have 3G. Guess they’ll still serve no purpose then considering 4G is already out and much faster. But I guess you mactards are used to being behind the curve anyways.

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