Kids wreck shop (26 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    My daughter may have thrown up when she was a baby, but she never, ever did anything like the bullshit I’m seeing up there.
    I’ve never had to hurt her, I’ve spanked her a couple of times with my hand and she learned right off that when mom says not to do something, it’s because there are consequences.
    I’ve watched too many times mothers doing the stupid ‘counting game’ where they go ‘I’m counting! One…one and a half….two….’
    Yeah, that works really well when your child has learned to disrespect you, and he’s about to run into the road in front of a truck while seeing how far they can push their limits.
    I am sick to hell of watching mothers, even with husbands and great support systems, play the ‘you’re going to kick and scream in the store while I walk down the opposite aisle and let innocent bystanders watch you’ game. parents that teach their kids to smile for the camera every time they destroy something, so they can put ‘cute’ *read: sickening* pictures on their Facebook, are raising monsters, not children, and the parents are a menace to society.
    I would be absolutely mortified if someone let my child act that way.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’ll add to my rant to correct myself. My daughter, did once color on the bathroom wall at a friend’s house. When the father let me know, i came over and watched while she cleaned up half the mess, while her friend was sent to her room and her father cleaned her portion. Guess who didn’t color on walls anymore, and guess who continued because it was no skin off her nose?

  • Teehee

    Kids = no
    Tubes tied = yes

  • Polyhooka

    lol poor cat

  • Alendra

    Boo Chive!!! You just snubbed this from Shit My Kids Destroyed! Not nice!!!! I like you little less…

  • ben

    poor little mite in #7 what has been eating?

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