• Matt

    holy crap!! wow!

  • top dog

    Errr, wheres the video?

    • top dog

      OK, I had to go to a different computer to see the video. That was pretty cool, and creative.

  • tyquan

    That made my day.

  • aosux

    Pretty cool but that can be done with any camera and enough time.

  • yup

    thats a lot more than 355 pictures!

  • Hubble

    Holy cow! Cable car was my favorite; that musta cost mad ducketts, people, and time…

  • Leif Erikson

    Hipsters are gonna be stomping on each other to get this

  • Hater Hating

    How much money do you guys get to leave this as the first post? I have no problem with it I just hope you are getting well paid. I thought you hadn’t posted anything for 24 hours and your site was down. Plus, most cameras have video options now. Stop motion is the equivalent to leaded gas, yeah it works, but someone somewhere is having an epileptic fit.

    • giraffe

      was just going to ask this very same thing…. oh the chive. stop advertising to me you jackasses. i come here to look at tits and tards. i dont want to watch your fucking commercial.

      • TheDouchebagDetector

        Stop whining about the advertising…if they didn’t make any money with the site, you wouldn’t HAVE a site to come jerk-off to. Would you rather it be $9.95 a month? I didn’t think so, douchebag.

        • giraffe

          i don’t care if they advertise. every site does. what i think is fucking lame is the fact that they disguise stupid advertisements as a post, and not very well at that.

          • Hater Hating

            I just want to know what they make on something like this. It may be time for a career change.

  • RangerRick

    If the video didn’t fit in with their other postings I might agree, but it’s cool and original, and better than half the stuff I see on here. They would probably have posted it in the normal course of their day, but they got paid to post it and keep it at the top for 24 hours. Not a big deal to me.

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