Motivation with a recoil (13 Photos)

  • E in MD

    I’m an American. I like guns. I don’t currently own any. I also believe in having a lean mean fighting machine of a military – but that doesn’t mean they get to suck pork from the teat either. I love my country though my government I’m not so much in love with.

    Know what I don’t like? The arrogance shown by typical Americans like the douches on this thread. like the ‘Freedom of Speech – Shut the fuck up’ dipshit. You make us all look bad. All the toughguy bullshit can go squarely up your ass. You can be proud of your nation without acting like the 8th grade bully on the playground – which is exactly what you are doing. Grow the fuck up.


    Guns are cool. Brits stink. That is all.

    • P-90

      Riiiiiight, douchebag.

  • leatherneck

    I like the pic’s Chive. How ever most of you seem dam foolish to me. Including The peace lovers. I tell ya what you go have years of talks and when some ass hole loses his cool and bullies you and you come to me and my men I will nod (keeping my opinnion of you to my self) And do my duty. kill. I’ll put a bullet in his head or k-bar in his chest and let god sort it out. But I’ll do that for you even though you talk all that shit. Even though you protest our funerals. Even though you think our weapons cause these issues. Even though you have done nothing to earn your free speach. How ever you should know That freedome is NOT free gentlemen. I’ve watched tomany marines die to let you think all this is meaningless. weapons, pft stfu.

  • Bill

    Wow, the comments are a little hostile this morning. It’s Memorial Day–thanks to all who serve their countries. Now where’s the lighter fluid? I’ve got an entire cow to barbeque…

  • BillyBlaze

    I’m proud to serve my country. USA! USA! USA!

  • "J"



  • red1victor

    You have to love your country for its flaws as well as your freedoms. As for you Brits, don’t be jealous of our 2nd amendment sayin were a bunch of gun crazy assholes. You obviously don’t know your countrymen very well because your sf guys are some of the coolest, gun crazy guys I’ve ever served with overseas. Same for the Aussies. Have a safe Memorial Day everybody.

    • MichaelGS

      you mean the Second Amendment thats almost a carbon copy of the English Bill of Rights that was written 100 year earlier and also has a “Freedom for Protestants to have arms for their own defence” bit in it? Just wandering

      • red1victor

        Yes that would be the one. It was written by men who were at one time brits colonists and some even served in their military. I didn’t say we invented I merely said we still had it. Thats the way of politics, someone has already done it before you.

        • MichaelGS

          I was more trying to say that we can’t be too jealous because we’ve got one too not that you invented it, shouldve been more clear about that one sorry

  • terry

    #2 they may not make a .46 but they do make a .50

    • Ryan

      Technically they do make a .46 its called a .460 magnum and it one of the most powerful handguns in the world.

  • nickmare

    i walk softly so as to not piss off the ground

  • Panama Jack

    Countries should treat each other the same way boyfriends respect their girlfriend’s dad. You respect them because they can blow your ass away.

  • jeff in Australia

    OK enough already… why don’t you all put your tongues back inside your mouths, stop saying nah nah nah nan nah, and go inside for supper, I’m sure I can hear your parents calling you.
    War #2 is long over.

  • MadFistsWillie

    Holy fuck, are you serious?? As an American, I feel ashamed. Do we have our heads that far up our ass?? So we’re huge, have a lot of money(wait not anymore), and are killing ourselves with mass produced processed foods. Does that really make us better then any other country? Doesn’t seem to smart to me. As far as history goes, that shits always being changed. Who’s to say its not manipulated by “The Man.” Who wants you to think, and believe what YOU’RE reading is correct and accurate? Moreover, it shouldn’t be about being so fucking proud that you’re willing to make YOURSELVES look like incompetent, ignorant fools. Get out and explore shit for yourself, and stop worrying about people and what they do. Its not affecting you directly, so fuck it.

  • turdfurgeson

    I am an avid shooter of service rifle competitions, a distinguished rifleman and have made the presidents 100. I love my second amendment rights. All free men would demand the right to defend themselfs, always have and always will. I also love and respect all those who have sacrificed and still sacrifice for the wellbeing of our country. God bless you all. That goes for my countrymen (US) the Brits, Aussies and anyone else who has done their part. We all bleed the same and have the same foes. At the end of the day, we will still fight for and with each other.

  • us1gi

    All I can say is Wow. Thank any god you bow too and ask why do I say so many stupid things! No wonder the world is going to hell. Guns, we won the war, If it wasn’t for us, even nazi talk. Again wow.I would want a Brit next to me any day. I wouldn’t mind a assie either.But I sure in hell wouldn’t want some Sarcastic riddlin fueled dumbass writing my obit. Say what you want about the US. Sure we have are faults… Greed being the top.Once in Germany it was said to me we the US have had a short and colorful history.Very true indeed 3 wars, slavery, hollywood, History books by Simon and schuster, on up to Obama. But I’m pretty sure if you ask any ww2 vet from any side they were glad to have all sides helping out.Or ask Simon and schuster! What I’m getting at is the more shit talk about who has the bigger dick the more the folks who hate all of us is going to put another arrow in his quiver.Put your guns in a safe chances are you can’t use them effectively anyway.Do some research on the internet and nobody really gives a damm about who invented the fucking thing anyway needle dick. And try to learn some things about your native land that might just impress someone.Nuff said

  • Spike

    Just kill ’em all and then we can get on with our lives.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Guns kill people…. but AIRPLANES kill more people 😉

  • Michael Cudd-Vallely

    #3 and ran to get help from the French

  • Always Last


  • bill

    smile.wait for the flash jerk it or leave it.

  • Catman

    The Bill of Rights didn't exist during the Revolutionary War, dumbasses.

  • robert

    "Fuck guns and the people that shoot them" so don't ever call the police if you have a problem and your saying fuck every soldier that's ever died to give you the freedom to say that.

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