New Hulm CanAm is what my dream go-cart looks like (14 Photos)

This car (and dream go-cart of my eye) goes for about $700,000…so you’re sayin’ there’s a chance

  • WeaponXIV

    this is the definition of awesome*.

    (*opinions of awesome may vary)

  • chris

    Now here is another fine example of kiwi-ingenuity that makesme so proud to be a New Zealander!
    Kia Kaha Aotearoa

    P.S Go the All Whites in the Football World Cup, and yes, I believe that you should do a haka!

  • top dog

    Is this thing street legal, or is this the replacement for the formula one car?
    And whats with all these weird fucking colors?

    • chris

      Yes this thing sure is street legal, with a price tag of around 600,000NZD, and i think they are limiting production to around 20 units

  • Equalizer

    If those old men can drive this car then much better can I…

  • dongtacular

    Looks like it should be spelled Hulme, with an E on the end. Correct the title, please?

  • Anonymous

    Psh… side by sides are for girly girls. Real men drive a single seater T1.

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