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    […] week we posted this girl in our famous Sexy Chivers Among Us. One set of cleavage seemed to catch your eyes and we received hundreds of emails demanding […]

  • JonBZ

    Yo Chivers!!! #11, #20, & #25 are by far the sexiest!!!!

  • Peter

    nr 8 is hooooooooot!

  • Tech Guy

    9 and 20… nine and twenty… nine and twenty… give us more!

  • NoPartyFollower

    #23 has the same look as my girlfriend after sex. She calls it "disappointed," I call it "unappreciative."

    Shouldn't have worn the sexy outfit anyways. Everyone knows that stuff cuts a guys lasting time in half.

  • shockandawe

    #5 I think I love you.

  • Always Last


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