Happy Memorial Day! Here’s a buncha rockets being launched (18 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    i want a rocket launcher

    • drinkinguy

      i want a rocket lawn chair.

      • askandyeshallreceive


    • fuzzybeard2016

      I want *AMMO* for a rocket launcher!

      • CunningLinguist

        I want *AMMO* for a rocket lawn chair

        • mook

          I want a rocket launcher that launches rocket lawn chairs.

          Distribute some fast relaxation.

  • A-Chiver

    This is not entertaining.
    there´s no glorious thing with launging shit.

    • infamous9

      @A-Chiver ……. Excellent stop action photos…

      And who are you calling MUrderers? The men and women who serve and have served to keep your dumbass free. Be thankful for what they have done to keep this country free..
      And the word is “Launching”…. Dumbass

      • 100window

        Excellent photography, I fully agree with you. But these are modern pictures and there hasn’t been a war fought for freedom in a long, long, long time. Now it’s just one set of indoctrinated soldiers vs, another. We just happen to be on the same side of the world as these particular soldiers.

      • purist

        realist bastards

      • jeff in Australia

        Seems strange to this non American, that fighting for “your freedom” always happens a long way away from where you are.

        • Anonymous

          if it wasn’t for us, you limp wristed ozzies would be speaking japanese

          • jeff in Australia

            You are entitled to your opinion of course, no matter how ludicrous and factually incorrect, but, how does that change the fact in my previous comment..?
            I would also like your opinion on what one has to do with the other..?

    • archie goodwin

      Choke on shit, motherf***er

    • ikindalikeapples

      im all for peace but humans have been fighting forever. its never actually gonna happen and you need to realize this. these are weapons that allow us to maintain the peaceful lifestyle that we live at home. you should be grateful towards these “murderers” that die for ungrateful people such as you.

    • nouu

      fuck off faggot.

    • the joe

      (From that A-Chiver punk)
      This is not entertaining.
      there´s no glorious thing with launging shit.

      Murderers? i’m actually one of the few Marines in AFG who would opt for a peaceful resolution if we could, but you try having a heart to heart with a guy who’s willing to blow his @$$ off near you just because we’re trying to assist the government. And yes, we are trying to build up the communities and infrastructure out here and keep the civilians safe, and they know it. I guess that means that the average Afghani knows more about the American agenda in Afghanistan than this kid does… interesting.
      Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberry!

      Anywho, Chivers love you and love the site. I’ve gotten a couple people out here hooked, and if I go a day without a check-in, i start to shake.
      Oh, and shooting one of those above rockets… awesome.
      that is all

    • wickedjack

      the only ppl who ever start shit are ppl just like you. someone puts a pic of a gun online and suddenly, u get sand in ur vagina. go drink some of the sarin they found all over iraq

    • Dalakman

      The definition of a murder is:
      is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent
      Thus it is not murder. But it is cold blooded killing. And I find it ick how you believe it is justified in any means. You fight terrorism in Afghanistan right? Well how about you realize you have killed a hundred more people fighting against terrorism then allowing it. You have created anti-American intents. Which is well deserved with your militaristic dick swinging competitions. Any military of any sort are simple killers, they promote elitist agenda’s without asking because they feel they are protecting some imaginary freedom. Hopefully they realize freedom simply doe snot exist in organized political arrangements.

      • Dalakman

        Mind the spelling errors

        • Superfresh

          Ur a homo, and would not last for a day in the army.

          • Superfresh

            Same goes for u Dalakman. Eat a bag of dicks.

            • CunningLinguist

              you guys are getting passed the point of this post, it isnt about freedom, this was in reference to memorial day. memorial day is an american holiday(because we can do that-create holidays….why not, the catholic church does)that honors those who serve, and i for one being a soldier myself, feel it doesnt pertain just to american soldiers, but all soldiers who have fought and sacrificed for their country. you people(and i use it in the general sense of the word….argue that on your own time) are bypassing the meaning of this holiday with your insignificant bickering. no one cares about who’s lazy and limp wristed, or whos better than the other, because its all political bullshit. stop all this assfuckery and give to those who’ve given to you what they deserve. after all, it was those that had the balls to stand up against all odds that have earned the right to talk any shit. so sit down, shut up, and enjoy your right to talk shit. its been earned for you.

            • jeff in Australia

              For him below…. Well said sir. Happy holiday to you and yours.

            • jeff in Australia

              This column is playing silly buggers again. My comment is now for him above… I hope.

      • CunningLinguist

        @ dalakman

        youre quick at pointing the finger as if the people who you are arguing with are to blame. do you blame the soldier or the terrorist on the battlefield for murder, or should i say ‘cold blooded killing’, as you so eloquently put it, is it the average american that is at fault for “supporting the troops” or the anonymous masses of irate arab nationalists to blame for burning flags of their enemies? no my friend, do a little research next time before you open your mouth. these people(you included) are all sheep being hearded along the same well trod path. an idiot can see this is all a big game of prick waving by our heads of state, but the best any of us can ever do is bitch and complain, because thats all anonymity allows you on the internet. thats all youre good for. you cant change anything, you wont be anything, because you choose your battles from behind your keyboard. we americans are arrogant because of our history. some of us have actually earned that right(others….sorry, most are free loading scum….but so are the rest of the world. deal with it.) to be arrogant. but these days, there are no heroes. there are revolutionaries anymore. no one is willing to stand up to all the wrong doing. everyone is lazy, and watch, i bet you, like ancient Rome, it will all fall down on top of itself, because everyone wants change, but no one has balls to do it. fucking read the American Declaration of Independence people, it tells you right in there. they even quoted it in a cheesy disney movie.

    • goposaur


  • Anonymous

    10 is a stinger missile i think 1 is a javelin

    • ikindalikeapples

      1,2,4,5,6,7 are all javlines

    • Cyprien

      It’s called Fly by Wire..

  • Equalizer

    I want to know what happen next in the last picture….

    • HellRazer

      I believe the next to last is a mortar launch

      • CunningLinguist

        im interested to know how many people recognized the javelins and stingers from playing modern warfare 2…

  • P-90

    The Javelin is an awesome system.

  • Markkens

    A-Chiver…owned and banned. Superior firepower and the will to use it in justice is what keeps us off the bleedin’ edge of barbarity.

    • garp

      …well, that and good scotch

  • SaintxXxAsh

    geez, another artillery related post leading to a ton of battles in the comments. chill out people, the pictures are merely badass.

    • Benji

      i think we should all be ashamed it took a chick to point out the obvious awesomeness of this post over the willingness to argue it’s message.
      I’d hazard to say most of these were taken during training exercises…

    • nelson

      yea, chill out, and just enjoy the amazing photography!!

  • nomad78

    #9 & #12 are the absolute failure
    #9 is a silkworm and #12 is a Ghadr surface to surface missile . They are all Iranian made and they target everything at the Gulf!!

  • DaddyD

    For myself, I enjoyed the delicious irony of a post with rockets being fired in the Middle East (well, most of the pics appear to be in the Middle East anyway) juxtaposed with an Israeli model named “Friedman.”

    Shoulder rockets and pocket rockets.

    Bombs and “da bomb!”

    Free men and Friedman!

    Shall I go on?

  • Brandon

    Well at least you guys are realistic and honest about your country’s temperament.

  • randomhero1218

    The lack of boobs in this post upsets me.

  • Cynikill

    Ahhh…what do they say about arguing on the internet – it’s like the special olympics.

    And I agree with randomhero1218…


  • HellHathNoFury

    The euphemisms presented here are just too great to pass up.
    I cannot be the one to start this.

    • nelson

      ok, for us, iliterate people, wtf is “euphemisms?” lol.

  • southerfriedcaliboy

    Aside from the slander going on in here, GOD BLESS AMERICA, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN!!!! It saddens me that not all of us are gratefull to those who risk their ass to save ours. I salute the soldiers we have and lost and wish them all a safe return home.

  • me

    Si vis pacem, para bellum…

    • Belisario

      dum spiro, spero

      • archie goodwin

        Silent enim leges inter arma

    • Pinter

      “There was never a good war or a bad peace.” Benjamin Franklin.

      Silly Americans. Always thinking they provide ‘our freedom’. We can take care of our own freedom thank you very much. Still…awesome pictures. Can’t debate on that one.

      • Kent

        You can provide your own freedom with America’s help? History proves other wise.

        • Anonymous

          When did America provide freedom for anybody? If you want to talk about Hitler – he was destroyed by USSR. USA fighted much more with Japan and entered European and African fights only at the end of war, when Ukrainians (who were 1/4 of red army) alredy got to Germany. You have strong propaganda in your country and it makes nice hamsters for your government. almost none of you looks at those things with their own eyes. you just say what you’ve been told during whole your life.
          By the way, according to research only 2% of people can kill and they are psychos. Since that became known, in USA mostly this kind of people was looked for to serve in army. and now this is only country where rate of psychos is about 60-70%

          • Kent

            Actually YOU are the person who just blindly believes propaganda. The USSR deliberately rewrote history and ignored what the US did in order to rob the US of credit and create pride in the USSR despite the fact that the USSR was an ALLY of the Nazis at the beginning of the war. I’m sure you didn’t even know that! Stalin was Hitler’s ally until Hitler decided to invade Russia.

            You say the US joined at the end of the war, yet it was the US joining that CAUSED THE WAR TO END. The Soviets and the US actually joined the war at the same time, the US began fighting the Japanese only a month after Operation Barbarossa.

            The US fought the Axis in every theater of war. Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. The US liberated over a dozen countries. The Soviets only fought on one front of one theater and they brutalized the people they said they “liberated”. That’s why the Soviet Union collapsed, all the countries the Soviets controlled since WWII left and became US allies.

            Soviets were losing every single battle before the US began supplying them free of charge and diverted German attention away from the eastern front. The Soviets would have lost, utterly, against the Germans if the US did nothing. The US was responsible for the war ending in victory for the allies.

            It is idiotic to say the US joined at the end when the allies would have lost if the US didn’t join. The war would have raged on far longer and the Axis would have been victorious.

            It was the the US that liberated most of Europe and Asia. The Soviets didn’t liberate anyone, they took over every single country that their troops entered… Czech Republic, Poland, Easter Germany etc… The Soviets were worse than the Nazis!

          • Nameless

            Hey now, buddy– what did hamsters ever do to you to make you so angry?

          • Kent

            Countries that were liberated and/or saved in WWII by the US:

            New Zealand

            Countries that were liberated and/or saved by the USSR during WWII:

            Ask Polish people what they think about the “freedom” they were given by the Soviets. More innocent polish people were killed by Soviets than by Germans. In fact, more Soviets civilians were killed by their own government during the war than by Germans. It’s fucking hilarious that someone like you says that Americans just believe what our government says when that’s the exact opposite of the truth and you are a gigantic hypocrite for saying that. The USSR’s citizens were completely brainwashed morons, Russians and Ukrainians today still believe things about WWII that are factually inaccurate. You say the US joined late even though the US was supplying the allies with war material when Russia was ALLIED WITH GERMANY.

            And that’s another point to make… the war material the US supplied to the Soviet Union was enormous. Without the free, merciful aid the US provided to the Soviets, they would have lost against Germany in every single battle. It was only when US aid began to arrive that the Soviets maid any headway against the Soviets.

            Here’s just a fraction of the war aid the US provided to the Soviets during WWII, all of which was free:

            Aircraft: 14,795
            Tanks: 7,056
            Jeeps: 51,503
            Trucks: 375,883
            Motorcycles: 35,170
            Tractors: 8,071
            Guns: 8,218
            Machine guns: 131,633
            Explosives: 345,735 tons
            Building equipment valued: $10,910,000
            Railroad freight cars: 11,155
            Locomotives: 1,981
            Cargo ships: 90
            Submarine hunters: 105
            Torpedo boats: 197
            Ship engines: 7,784
            Food supplies: 4,478,000 tons
            Machines and equipment: $1,078,965,000
            Non-ferrous metals: 802,000 tons
            Petroleum products: 2,670,000 tons
            Chemicals: 842,000 tons
            Cotton: 106,893,000 tons
            Leather: 49,860 tons
            Tires: 3,786,000
            Army boots: 15,417,001 pairs

            What would Russians and Ukrainians have done without all that aid? Storm Berlin while naked, starving, with only rocks and zeal for the Motherland with which to fight the Germans?

            • Anonymous

              People, I hate USSR and I know about their crimes. But also I hate that US steal other nations’ achievements. Ask Germans and they will tell you about soviet’s role in war. And I’m talking about Western Germany, which wasn’t occupied by USSR. I’ve been to America and I like Americans, but only till the point when they begin saying what they’ve been told. It’s comfortable for you to feel as heroes in this world, but if it were really so, there wouldn’t be so much abhorrence to you from the rest of the world.

            • but

              here is what the USSR provided america with during WW2.

              Aircraft: 140,795
              Tanks: 70,056
              Jeeps: 510,503
              Trucks: 3750,883
              Motorcycles: 350,170
              Tractors: 80,071
              Guns: 80,218
              Machine guns: 1310,633
              Explosives: 3450,735 tons
              Building equipment valued: $100,910,000
              Railroad freight cars: 110,155
              Locomotives: 10,981
              Cargo ships: 900
              Submarine hunters: 1005
              Torpedo boats: 1970
              Ship engines: 70,784
              Food supplies: 40,478,000 tons
              Machines and equipment: $10,078,965,000
              Non-ferrous metals: 8002,000 tons
              Petroleum products: 20,670,000 tons
              Chemicals: 8420,000 tons
              Cotton: 1060,893,000 tons
              Leather: 490,860 tons
              Tires: 30,786,000
              Sandals: 150,417,001 pairs

            • P-90

              Er…I don’t mean to be picky but the UK wasn’t occupied so it wasn’t ‘liberated’.

  • P-90

    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.

  • Hubble

    Amazing! Why haven’t we seen any of this before! :O

  • tdk

    as Metallica said: “Kill ’em All”

  • scooter

    In view of all the vitriol being spouted am I allowed to nitpick that technically 8, 11, 13, 15, 16 & 17 are not rockets? 8 is a “Dumb” iron bomb, 11 & 15 are Tanks/Self Propelled Artillery, 13 is a ships cannon, 16 is a mortar and 17 is a Personal Launcher, probably Tear Gas. Basically all are “Dumb” weapons which use the laws of physics to aim/target.

  • Juan

    Since nobody else has said it:

    Skyyyyyyy rockets in flight…
    Afternoon delight!

  • well

    the pics looks cool. especially the effect on the ship and tanks from firing those things.

    but guys you have to realise. the rest of the world hates america, not because of the wars and all, but because of you guys who all go ‘well im defending my freedom blah blah’. As if that gives you an escuse to go guns blazing into other countries.

    Your creating more and more hate towards your own country. This hate creates more people who want to ‘terrorise’ your country and thus means your ‘freedom’ is going to be harder and harder to protect.

  • proditor

    But said: “here is what the USSR provided america with during WW2.”

    Um…source? The list and dollar amounts for US lend-lease have been well known for some time. But since your numbers for torpedo boats alone seems to surpass the amount actually commisioned by the US for all of WW2, I’m going to call bullshit. I looked around for a while and couldn’t find any reverse lend lease statistics anywhere other than your post. So again, I’m calling bullshit. Were the hordes of Russians who stormed Berlin brave and courageous? Absolutely. But they did a lot of it with Lend-lease equipment, and they only had to fight a one front war against a single enemy. Somehow they forgot to declare war against Japan until August 8th 1945, less than a month before it ended. You can talk trash all you want, but there is a reason the US earned the nickname the “Arsenal of Democracy”.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Semper Victus

  • Dave Daverson

    Objection your onion! No.8 is neither a missile or American! It’s a bomb and it’s Russian! D-=


    USA sucks arse
    that is all

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