Anonymous cleavagy girl revealed (20 Photos)

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Last week we posted this girl in our famous Sexy Chivers Among Us. One set of cleavage seemed to catch your eyes and we received hundreds of emails demanding 'MOAR cleavage girl.' Luckily, one of our users recognized her, loaded us up with pics and gave us a name, Ivana Milo. We don't know where she's from or why she's not married to me. Anyway, now that we have a face to match the rack, is she Chiveworthy? Her life is in your hands...

  • major quimby


  • sperren des balles

    omfg, i know her from skul as well😀
    actually i know them both…no douches at all:)

  • Adam

    Why is she always pictured with such douche bags? Why is she not pictured with me?

    • Jebusinyaface

      Adam: ‘Cause you are neither a douche, or a bag. And she is 10 levels of A and T.

  • Cyprien

    Stereotypical douche magnet

  • Just the facts...

    It’s simple. She is pictured with douche bags because she is a Douchette. It may be thinly veiled in one or two of the pics, but don’t be fooled…she didn’t fall far from the mighty douche tree.

  • randomhero1218

    She’s pretty good looking. I don’t know what you guys are talking about though, I didn’t see any dudes in these pictures.

  • George Bush Jnr

    Those lads are not douches. She’s a nurse who works with spastic retards. I should know, she’s helped me in the past. So just show some reespect wudya.

    • Jebusinyaface

      Reespect her as a nurse or the mentally handicapped? Oh sorry. spastic retards. then again… on the subject of respect.. sheesh.

  • southernfriedcaliboy

    Definatley chiveable…. she looks very chivelrous…. and she chive on all she wants with that rack of enourmos chives

  • bastian

    She could ha remained an anonymous goddess, but because of pics 5, 12, 13, 16, 17 and 20 now she’s a well known douchebaguette

  • jay

    That waist is to die for… See pics 5 & 20.


  • nouu

    looks like your typical loose slut kinda like hhnf. hey hhnf why do u comment on every post of a women? are u jealous of them or are u just a lezbo?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Loose? Slut? Yes, I guess being married and with the same guy for over 6 years, and no one since our separation last year, would make me very loose, especially since I work with thousands of men and have offers up the ass *literally* and haven’t had sex in so long that I’ve forgotten how.
      Not every girl is the class you’re used to.

      • Elchronico

        Well said! Wanna hook up?

    • jeff in Australia

      Whether she is is or not is non of my, or your, business. But with guys like you around who could blame her if she is..

  • jeff in Australia

    Think she was born with the perfect amount of holes in her body, to make an extra one in her face is superfluous and ugly.

  • um...

    link if anybody can find it?

  • doucher

    yo fags…. the the u are talking about is me…. and yeah i guess u all got it really going on when u rate girls in a forum.
    i guess half of u never touched a boob in your life!
    get a life losers!

    • Hepa

      Hmm, I’m starting to suspect the credibility of how people define OTHER people as douche bags. I’m getting the impression that almost all good looking people are seen as douche bags regardless of the personality. Also, I have a feeling that rating others at how big of a douche they are is based on how inferior the rater is to the suspected douche.

      Just saying.

      • LiaMMV

        I mostly go by the criteria which I stated above. Makes things a lot simpler.

        • Elchronico

          Great list LiaMMV, made me laugh and look like a retard since I’m alone at the office.But I would probably add typos to it.

  • dude

    the guys in the pics are actually just one guy…. her bf i suppose

  • nate

    i hope thats her gay friend grabbing her tater tots….that aint right

  • Brandt

    Her life is in your hands dude …

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  • Loag

    Douche Bag galore!!!

  • Brad

    More importantly: Does her association with Douchebags give her the status of Douchebaguette?

  • Chris

    Well I think she can make a special trip to Afghanistan to…help boost the morale of us fellow soldiers. Anybody have any ideas for morale boosters?

    • MichaelGS

      hang out with the british forces a bit more, they have lucy pinder and rosie jones regularly. If theyre good enough for samaritans to use them as morale boosters so im sure theyre good enough for you😀

  • Anonymous

    shes from vienna and i know her boyfriend.. he plays for the vienna vikings football team..

  • D

    She is hot; however, not nearly as hot as she thinks she is.

  • Brabdock

    Who is that fag bag!? She's hot, but a little dumb for being with that "guy?".

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