Anonymous cleavagy girl revealed (20 Photos)

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Last week we posted this girl in our famous Sexy Chivers Among Us. One set of cleavage seemed to catch your eyes and we received hundreds of emails demanding 'MOAR cleavage girl.' Luckily, one of our users recognized her, loaded us up with pics and gave us a name, Ivana Milo. We don't know where she's from or why she's not married to me. Anyway, now that we have a face to match the rack, is she Chiveworthy? Her life is in your hands...

  • carLito

    some of those pics don't even look like her….douchebagette would be correct, wouldn't be surprised if she was on obsessedwithmyself dot com……

  • jkmcdermott64

    Better if she'd stop shaving off her eyebrows and painting them on with a sharpie. Also, less euro-douches would help her cause a great deal.

  • Mario

    why all the douchebags in her pictures??!??!


  • McAnonymous

    …and she hangs out exclusively with douchebags because…?

  • rock reezy

    She’s cute…although she seems to be a TOOL magnet. The genrosity of females never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for fucking up the food chain princess:)

  • Anonymous

    I like her but I don’t like when you can see a girls veins on her meaty breasts

  • Always Last


  • Sean

    Its the same dude in all them pics!

  • forever alone
  • Next Please

    Slut and a douchebag, Nothing to see here. I've watched porn for over 15 years. Seen my fair share of hot dog hallways.

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