Building codes are for pussies (16 photos)

  • Equalizer

    They are not Handy man, they’re Stuntman

  • PooPooCachoo

    Do you see some of that construction??? And people wonder why a 5.0 earthquake drops so many building in third world countries!

  • Biju

    pic 12 is from my country,Romania:D greetings

  • Mustafa_Beer

    This is less about building codes and more about assinine ways to get ” high”

  • tommybhoy

    pic #4….the guy just really loves his AirCon

  • aosux

    Damn straight!

  • goposaur

    scariest word for construction worker: thud.

  • OneClownShoe

    I don’t see what the danger is. This all looks perfectly safe and everyone should try it.

  • Clat1

    check out the price of fule on the sign in #14

  • sippinator

    There is a fine line between being brave and being stupid.

  • Amurika

    Caveman engineering

  • ukcanuck

    All above photos taken in Romania, Seriously!

  • donkeeh

    Not all of them. #12, yes that’s a Romanian license plate, but #14 is clearly English dear 😉

    • jeff in Australia

      Be careful who you “dear”..!

  • Eh

    As already said.. there’s a fine line between brave and stupid and these guys don’t realise they’re dancing on it. Oh, except for #4. I’m pretty sure that guy is out there because the husband came home early… Good hiding spot!!!

  • Eliot

    Pic #4… bamboo, really?!? This is why insurance is so high. We are paying for these guys.

  • Bryan

    Majority of this stuff has nothing to do with building codes. The title should be "OSHA is for pussies"

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