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  • Cyprien

    “Taking the plundge, redneck style”

  • Polyhooka

    Barbiely Hillbilies

  • Thingers

    E! True Hollywood Story George W Bush, life after the White House.

  • Irwin 109

    Ever remember Sid from Toy Story?

  • dutchieLover

    “Do you guys think I like hurting you?!”

  • Clip

    Watch as Rodney chooses his next wife through process of elimination.

  • Just the facts...

    Coming soon to VHS…
    Hannibal Lecter – The Early Fro-Hawk Years.
    (cuz Jodi Foster hasn’t had a decent paycheque in a while).

  • Hunter S. Thompson

    There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge.

  • Ac

    Elmers family gathering: Let the games begin.

  • wwefan

    After losing a hair vs hair match against Mr. T, Mick Foley goes ballistic

  • anondude

    Saw MMXLVI
    They quit trying a long time ago…

  • Hailey

    mommm!! pedro stole my dolls again!

  • Spiderpig615

    Larry the cable guy taking out his rage after being told his wife isn’t having a girl.

    or Just found out your wife is having a boy.

  • floscar

    It’s apparent that Bubba J misunderstood the term getting a little head.

  • Wilt Stilts

    Coming to HBO in the fall, “Retarded Dexter”

  • Anonymous


  • Jimbo

    Hey ya’ll, hold my beer. Check this out.

  • Bisong

    You flushed my Hot Wheels. Now it’s my turn.

  • steven frijoles


  • teacher_guy

    " I'll show Chucky who's the real king around here.

  • teacher_guy

    "Meanwhile in Arkansas"

  • lilix long

    ill give those bitches plungers
    bitches love plungers

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