Some awesome guy gets drunk and tears through a wax museum (25 Photos)

  • tw25b

    Are you sure hes drunk? hmmm there might be a little crack involved here

  • Jerry Collins

    It was all fun and games until he desecrated the King.

  • hannah

    Ha i liked the Bush one.

  • chelsea

    I worked at the London Madam Tussauds… Shame he never got one next to Amy Winehouse or Miley Cyris. The things I’ve seen guys even sober ones do to them are way funnier than this guys antics…

  • Anonymous

    i agree, this guy looks fun as fuck ! also, bitches need to shut up! always fuckin cryin about something i swear. i wanna play with the boys why are the boys mean wahhhh!! stfu !!!!!!!!!!! im a heterosexual girl and i cant stand a bitch boy omg! ……………………………………….boys are fun! shut up! playing w/ boys is fun!! go away if you want to make your fucking female points .. so irritating….. you know seriously, this is why women get no respect. because of your fucking whining everytime you try playing with the big kids man. this is the fucking internet… i dont know you people and i dont care about your whiny female feelings ! honestly! theres shit you girls say sometimes on here -funny as fuck- but then i gotta look at the whininess .. lovely. rubber dog turds was correct. the boys laugh it off, the girls have to cry . i wonder what delights will be said about this, if it isnt too late. what shit will be said by the girls for my complaints here… considering im also a bitch…. i wonder………

    • HHNFMakesMeAroused

      Just like a woman you go on and on and on……..

      • BobPlant

        bitch ain't never been with MAN! go play with your boys and make a MAN a sandwich-NOW

  • CunningLinguist

    #6 ….ooook playa

  • Nooey


  • Yasir_Khan

    is the guy a chive sponsor???

  • BobPlant

    this fool needs a GF

  • Frank Li


  • Warnerfamily

    What a fruitcake. Another megalomaniac from "Generation me"

  • Det John McClane

    The most entertaining part of this is the HORRIBLE wax figures! There are several that I can't tell who the hell they are. The JFK figure is laughably bad. This museum must be off-off-off the Strip.

  • Average_Joe123


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