You’re no geek, just a smoking hot faker (27 Photos)

  • Uncle Fumbles

    I’m starting to like phonies.

  • squooshy

    #11 , #22 , #25 all look legit to me

  • UglyFATTKid

    #7 hottest for sure
    #25 bitchin panty shot
    #17…why is she wearing glasses and holding a pair of glasses??

  • Sluggo

    #11 is Elly Tran Ha

  • ralph wiggum

    i wear glasses too sometimes

    • nelson muntz

      HA HA!

  • WeirdGary

    I don’t know. I think 25 might really be a nerd. She looks like she’d have hair in weird places. Like nerd hair.

  • northerner

    Works for me….glasses, the right style, look sexy on a lovely woman…

  • zacka

    i have the light in pic 15.

    arent i speshal

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    #9-who would even have the fantasy of wanting to **** a young, female Orville Redenbacher. Even Uncle Scrotor draws the line somewhere.

  • Bud Ugly

    Ah, thank you Sluggo. You are wise.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i recognize #1 from many, ahem, finales.

  • BoogerEater

    stop posting asian on hot chick! put them somewhere else

  • KilllerQueen

    Some of us are just visually impaired, not trying to be anything.

  • Anonymous

    #10 all the way

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  • KZ

    @ Bud Ugly

    #11 is Elly Tran

  • Rovets

    MOAR on 10 and 22

  • Cqcumber

    ima jizz on ur glasses!

  • MrFFreeze

    13 AND 26!! ONE FOR EACH EYE!!!! I just injured myself,……inside….

  • Rick

    I think i just developed a new fetish… Thanks chive

  • Colonel Mustard

    #27 is pornstar Amia Miley.

  • Canadian Bacon

    #17 Ruined by Ugg Boots.

  • Franklin1138

    #17 I love her hot little midget body. 🙂

  • toohot4you

    #1 is iga wrywal

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