Anamorphosis Art by Bernard Pras (17 Photos)

These photos are made by stacking objects on a piece of canvas or a photograph to replicate a famous piece of art. And no object is off-limits. To see more of Bernard’s art click HERE.

  • Sarah

    Um, it’s all pretty weird

  • LiaMMV

    #9 is just a lady wearing toilet paper…

  • abood

    #9 is just a lady wearing a toilet paper…. and i like it

  • Anaughtybear

    That's not technically anamorphosis, it's just art replication using a different medium.

    • r@f

      yup, thats what i thought. this is not anamorphosis. you can easily google image what anamorph art is.

  • yoyo

    what is 14??

    • Nicnac

      a close-up of #15

  • Anonymous

    #11 is by Rcimboldo

    • Lady Shamisen

      Yup – thanks, was going mad trying to remember the artist’s name!

  • doo dah doo doo


  • lilly

    Pras' art work is amazing and i am going to do a critical study on this marvelous artist but until then i am sure i will have an amazing time doing research about him and his influences..

    my favourite piece by Bernard Pras is the one he has done of Albert Einstein .. i find it remarkably compelling to analyse. 🙂

  • What?

    I am not sure what this is all about…

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