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  • Anonymous

    Another ‘shopped pic on the Chive???? NO. WAY.

  • Libertariandude

    I’m guessing this is the 1860 München Little Fan Club

  • rca1970


  • showtownman

    I don’t intolerate lactose – I hate it.

  • Albanian

    Freddy Kreuger…..the origins

  • tomorrowbystorm

    Popularity: He Has None.

  • tomorrowbystorm

    -10 Charisma

  • Anonymous


  • goldeare


  • Victor K


  • Chris

    There are smelly Chivers among us

  • Pach

    “Hey Assholes, I know you didn’t accept my Facebook request either.”

  • Brad

    There’s always one smelly kid.

  • David

    Due to the restraining order the Chive writer was easy to spot in class photos

  • John G

    My imaginary friend is bigger than yours is.

  • Jason A

    Hey! What did I tell you about bringing the invisibility cloak to picture day?!

  • will

    Think fast, who is the only person in this picture that slept with Lindsay Lohan?

  • Joran

    I was the only that did not shit their pants that picture day.

  • Matt

    School Photographer: “Everyone scoot to the left… No, your other left… Aw fuck it….” *Click*

  • mattywestside

    Swine Flu: Early 2009

  • zofo

    Ryan Seacrest, age 9

  • lol

    over half a century later and people still dont trust the Germans

    • ha

      best call about germans, bayern munich top… lol

  • stipo

    force shield, duh!

  • Anonymous

    Justin Beiber in middle school..

  • Anonymous

    I see dead people…

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