Classy cougars (20 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    First… [picture is amazing, that is.]

  • powersticks

    #5 9 and 10. Who’s 5 btw?

    • CunningLinguist

      i believe thats martina mcbride. could be wrong though. cougars tend to change shape with age. look at cher. neither cougar, nor classy, but a shape shifter none the less….

      • Roscoe

        Confirmed, that is Martina McBride.

    • Maynard B

      That's Martina McBride. She's a big country singer, great voice.

  • Ginny

    Mariah carey?????………. Whoever included here is clearly on the glass dick!

    • ashley

      I agree, I was like wtf?!?

  • CunningLinguist

    wtf, wasnt there a post like this a day ago?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Tomei is amazingly hot. Loved her in Slums of Berverly Hills.

  • ChrisDG74

    Umm. Gotta call fail on some of these.
    Batshit-crazy Mariah Carey? Really??? Umm, no.
    Demi Moore – WAYYYY too much plastic surgery to be on the list(IMO). If she had not had all the work done in the last 20 years, we would not even be discussing her.

    That is all.

  • poppajo8

    Olivia Newton John might qualify as a Puma.

    • ChrisDG74

      Sorry, a puma is younger than a cougar. Per the urban dictionary:

      “An attractive woman in her late 20s or early 30s. She is a pre-cougar”

      • GrannY DanGer

        The word you are looking for is mountain lion

      • poppajo8

        That’s weird considering Puma’s have a longer life span than Cougars…

        • Elchronico

          You guys are all idiots. Puma is Cougar in Spanish. Look up a real dictionnary instead.

          • CunningLinguist

            but arent they also in the same family as panthers? and if so, what dictates a woman being one?

  • Spocker

    I’d still hit O N-J.

  • MissChris

    How is Catherine Zeta-Jones a cougar when she’s married to an Older man? I like the list anyway – and I certainly don’t mind looking at C.Z.J!

  • tommybhoy

    #17 is hot. She was in Face Off but cant remember her name..

    • chameliion

      Gina Gershon

  • garp

    …where is Shania? or Faith Hill? Michele Pfieffer? Clearly this project was cobbled together without much effort…you knew this assignment was due for days and you waited until last night to do it, am I correct? C-

  • Jon without the h

    Garp, Shania was #1. I agree with you about Pfieffer, though. Shoulda had her on the list.
    BTW, Catherine Zeta-Jones still has the sexiest eyes for me. I could stare at her all day.

    • Jon without the h

      Nevermind, Garp…#1 is Marissa Tomei. My bad. It looked like Shania at first glance to me. Oops.

  • Jose

    you forgot Lauren Graham

  • aosux

    Clear those cobwebs, i’m goin in

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  • top dog

    The second time around don’t make it any better, same shit, different day.

  • Floopa_Joopa

    Why is there no Julianne Moore!?

  • cat21

    WTF is doing Tea Leony in this post ???

  • goldeare


  • EG

    Marisa Tomey & Kim Katral…. i’m shaking…..

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Classy? most are yanks

  • Dreamy

    so uhm, anyone has a name yet for # 5?

  • {clevernamehere}

    I believe, by the very definition of the term "cougar", that this list is a sham. To be a cougar, an older woman must chase much younger men to bed them. Most of the women on this list are with men their age, or older. Don't get me wrong…..they are still amazingly gorgeous for their respective ages, and quite pleasant to look at, but the title of this page is incorrect.

    As is the fact that Mariah is on here. Look at ANY un-airbrushed picture of her and your penis with invert itself to avoid collision.

    And #5? I believe that is Martina McBride. Country singer.

  • chameliion

    Missing a bunch here IMHO – Diane Lane, Kristen Davis, Julia-Louis Dreyfus

  • Munk85

    #11 doesn't belong.

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