Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

  • Dave

    #18 – I have never ever used Google to spell check something. Maybe I’m just not a total failure?

  • Anonymous

    #22 right on old man

  • Vroom

    #22 and some people couldn’t care less about other peoples sexual orientation.

  • HellYEAH

    #27 is a leg triangle submission … cuts off the blood flowing to ya brain and then it’s sleep time ….

  • rando

    chive should do some random suicide girls gallery… those chicks are rad.

  • TrainReq

    Ian McKellan is a badass

  • Jenn

    #10 — in the bikini… is that really hot. I think its gross? who the hell would want to jump in bed with skeletor?

  • Im just sayin..

    Look I got nothing against gay people, I just hate how its thrown in your face all the time “Im gay, yay!” Keep it to yourself. Give me a shirt that says “Im straight and so was your dad, you’re welcome.” I’ll wear that, that’ll show ya. Hell give us a straight pride parade with boobie floats. Im just as proud to be straight wheres my damn parade?!

    • Arielle

      Make a straight pride parade then. And nobody should have to hide what they are. I understand not flaunting it, but if gays can’t do it, then all these “macho” straight men can’t either.

      • Im just sayin..

        Men that claim to be “macho” generally are gay, your argument is invalid.

  • Equalizer

    I Love Twins!!!

  • ck

    moar of 31


    send that long rant to chive.. “chiver gone crazy” lol

  • Arielle

    #31 – Ew, suicide girls = trashy Myspace attention whores with daddy issues and horrible taste in basically everything.

    That girl is BUTT-ASS ugly! I’m no supermodel, but YUCK! But maybe that’s just my aversion to emo sluts causing me to think that way…

    Anybody care to explain to me why these “suicide girls” are so hot?

    • Matt

      I’ll explain it to you. You are ugly. They are not.

      Hope that helps.

      Srsly tho, chicks with tattoos are hawt. Your opinion on the matter means less than nothing to a large majority of men. As a matter of fact, when women talk bad about other hotter women, it only makes you look catty. So congrats! You are helping your stereotype. I bet you are white too, arent you?

  • Anonymous

    #16 is actually a picture of Beaumont, Texas after hurricane Rita, not Nashville.

  • goaliematt

    I’m kind of burned out on the whole ‘cute kitty haz chheezburgewr” thing but I never get tired of pussy

  • jeffrey

    Oh the suicide girls, how i love thee so.

  • bob saget

    once I realized what belt buckles #21 girls were wearing….way hotter

  • UserName

    #27 – They keep warning that guy not to come back or they'll keep beating the s**t out of him but he doesn't listen.

  • stubbornguinea

    #1 Like a boss.
    #16 Pure awesome display of our Second Amendment Right!!!

  • ocho

    #21 yes please

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