Stunts from our past prove that people were insane (23 Photos)

These photos and more at LIFE Magazine.

  • jeff in Australia

    They did all this, they smoked, they drank, they did all sorts of “dangerous” stuff.
    How come there are so many old people still around..?

    • youdummy


    • HellHathNoFury

      What doesn’t kill you……

      • FartFace

        …..will cripple you.

      • Nameless

        …makes you… stranger.

  • Joe

    #6 is Hitler on a motorbike?

    • metalcool36

      Ha ha ha was thinking the same thing!! HAMMERZEIT!


      I was thinking the same thing, but more along the lines of, “ATTACK OF ZE BICYCLE HITLER”

    • Brandon

      Totally thought the same thing. Even he liked to have fun apparently!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Well we know what nationality the people lying down are.

    • tony

      any one also notice the female is the only one in real danger… the other 2 guys are just chilling out under the ramp

  • theshwedda

    not sure i would trust that old guy to shoot stuff off of my face

    • Anonymous

      @theshwedda……I’m gueesing you would prefer the old guy to shoot stuff on your face?

      • top dog

        And if you are ugly, he’ll probably shoot your face off.

        • John candy roulette

          better than being hot and him shooting it all over your face

          • HellHathNoFury

            Unless it’s the Hef or Christopher Walken!
            I didn’t type that out loud.

  • Floopa_Joopa

    I feel legitimately nervous looking at all of the photos involving height.

    Man, I’m a pussy.

  • Random Crazy Person

    Look at the second to last guy’s face in #10, he realized at the last second he might get hit in the nuts with a motorcycle.

    • Blue Balls

      I bet his kids aren’t around to reminisce about his chive memory moment.

    • greenerblues

      Someone should enlarge his face and use it in another pic somehow

  • CunningLinguist

    dear number 11,
    you didnt think that through very well, did you?
    The Linguist.

  • 88

    yea..a helmet will fully protect you when a bike falls on your balls

  • j

    Is it me, or does the bike rider in #10 look like he’s gonna come up short???

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Television has changed this for the better. Ever since its inception people were able to surpress their intense desire to do crazy stunts and watch a nice family program instead.

    Sorry, gotta go. 1000 Ways To Die is on!

    • sfmountainbiker

      …until the Internet was invented, and insane dangerous pointless stunts resumed.

  • EriktheRed

    yeah. you older generations were bat shit crazy fo sho. It’s amazing how television and the internet can slow some of that down a bit. well….sort of.

  • Equalizer

    #1 – at least his wearing a Pancho

  • P-90

    Yeah diving horses if muckin’ fental!.

  • Boooger

    #10 and #11 don’t look like they ended well.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Nitro Circus… circa 1930

  • top dog

    Yeah thats back when stunts were real, no green background here, thats for sure. “Don’t try this at home boys and girls”

  • aosux

    These aren’t crazy. Voting for Obama was crazy

  • ken

    I find old photographs of cities fascinating. What it might be like to be there then?

    My favorite shot is #17. Not the craziest stunt, but interesting composition.

  • Shakespeare Burns

    #20 Way to make the horse pay for your stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    #10 – Doesn’t look like he’s going to make it, and the guys on the end seem to know it!

  • Kyo

    I believe these are black and white for a reason………….

  • lacybug

    #12 – Take that, Mary Baker Eddy!

  • Debasteitor

    it isn’t Hitler in the motorbike in #6?

  • clem

    #7 is called Henry's. Once spent 185 days on a cable!

  • Rahul

    #9 Respect.

  • Colonel Mustard

    #20 is fucking cruel.

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