This chick claims she was fired for being too hot. Is she? (20 Photos)

Meet Debrahlee Lorenzana. She's currently suing Citibank for a very strange reason: She says she was fired for being too hot. She's 5'5'', 125 pounds of Latin fire. Her bosses say she was fired for sucking at her job but Debrahlee tells a different story. She says her bosses told her, "as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly 'too distracting' for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear." Full story here.

Photos via the great Village Voice.

Photo Credits: Carrie Schechter and the office of Jack Tuckner, one of the best employment lawyers in all the land.

  • smithey

    yep, sounds like an egocentric bitch, seriously, chicks hotter than her you can find working ANYWHERE, except ……denny’s

  • Anonymous

    The fact that this whore posed for model pics tells u how big of a ego she has and how much surgeory she paid for too.

  • Anonymous

    i work at a bank and part of the dress code is no tight or revealing clothing and yes they’re strict about it. i’m glad she took pictures of what she wore to prove the fact that she indeed did break the dress code, even tho in a lot of these pictures, her clothes are in dress code but the way she’s standing is just asking for attention. The bank also probably gave her many warnings before they fired her. i bet her boss her a male which just makes it worse, can’t wait until she gets old when she’ll have nothing.

  • Belunan

    Attractive, yes, but not that much. I’m going with Sucking At Her Job.

  • Sui

    Sorry, but I got a boner. Even after 2 sessions. Damn my libido.

  • zellmerfudd

    Nothing special. Just a dumb broad trying to make a quick dollar.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess i gona sue Microsoft for not makin me chairman same reason i guess ;D

  • Ciapeczka

    Well, I guess i gona sue Microsoft for not makin me chairman, same reason i guess ;D too hot for them !!

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  • EB

    Look at picture number nine(9).
    A few more years and a few more pounds and that bitch is going to look like Octomom.
    Be careful, keep your pecker in your pants. A few misplaced sperms here and that bitch will drop a big litter of babies on you.

  • RubberDogTurds

    i never watched or read that dumb sh1t.

    give me true blood or give me death!

  • Anonymous

    Typically and employer will keep a hot chick around………..she must really have sucked at her job………….or she didn’t suck hard enough.

  • BWR

    Great bod but she's a bbbbbbbBUTTERFACE

  • nart

    money can buy nice clothes and put nice makeup, if she took one shower she will be fired her job and kicked from her apartment and maybe from the whole country

  • JAB

    Hell, I'd keep her there as eye candy….I'm sure she can answer calls or something…I'd work harder with beauty like that running around the office
    and she can attract some customers…That chick could work for me anyday…

  • Rob

    She's hot but not hot enough to be all that distracting.

  • James

    I'll say shes pretty hot but not "you're too hot to work here" hot. unless she was working at a sex addicts recovery place or she got caught in the middle of a gangbang with her whole office i don't see it.

  • Bear

    Don't care. Moar Pics pleez!

  • Raul Robles

    I would fire her, sexual harrasment lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • timsajerk

    I'd have to fire her but only because of her tits

  • Nick

    Yea she is HOT!!! You know it was a woman that fired her…there is no way a man would of fired her.

  • hayden

    if she is too hot for where she worked, everyone else must have fallen out of the ugly tree and got smacked by every branch…

  • Lxte2

    She's good looking, but not "HOT"… ive seen better looking girls

  • Steve

    Hot? No.

  • kessel81

    I'd hire her. Not that I would be able to get any work done.

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