Anybody else feeling a little old?

toy story Anybody else feeling a little old?

Unrelated, but awesome video:

The video consists of 355 photos taken with the Olympus PEN, printed in billboard size and shot again.
The video was produced with the Olympus PEN itself. No tricks or computer animation at all. Hats off to to Takeuchi Taijin for his support and direction.

  • peter


  • bill bp

    when Andy was a kid, I was a kid, now he’s off to college and so am I. (sigh)

    • scooter

      Actually mine is more depressing. When Andy was a kid I didn’t have any and now my eldest is ready to finish her first year in High School! That makes you feel old.

      • Tiak

        As your child apparently made it through 10 years of schooling in 11 years of life, pride should probably overwhelm feeling old.

        • Travis

          Dude… First Toy Story was 1995. 99 was the second one.

          • Jason

            @Travis: He didn’t get the dog until the very end of the first one, and it wasn’t shown on screen. It’s all about the dog.

        • scooter

          As Travis says Toy Story was in ’95, eldest born in ’98 and in ’10 is 12! Toy Story 2 was in ’99 which was technically the picture used, although Andy got the puppy at the end of Toy Story! I feel kinda sad for knowing all that. 😦

          • scooter

            Although I should add that in UK she has had 7 years of Primary School and has now finished her first year of what we used to call Secondary School, but is now called High School. So she has had 8 years of education in her 12 years of life.

    • Rob

      sigh? sigh? seriously? fucking wish i be back in college

      • Beth

        “sigh? sigh? seriously? fucking wish i be back in college”

        Apparently you do need to go back there, you don’t know how to speak or write. And really, that applies to about 80% of the people that commented here.

  • father of pain


  • parker


  • jenniferROWLAND

    i wasn’t born when the first toy story came out.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ah, the good old days. Now Andy’s spending his tuition on Jager bombs and Sid’s old enough to be charged as an adult. you don’t want to see his new collection of ‘toys’.

    • dragontamer363

      @hellhathnofury – haha so bloody true! Oh wow I wonder what Sid’s been up with. I vote either prison or a mental home since Woody probably traumatised him into insanity.

  • Tittyfat

    wow i was two when that came out , and yes im feeling old

    • Michael

      If you were two when that came out, how the fuck do you know who Rodney Dangerfield is? He died like 10 yrs b4 you were supposedly born…..

      • Austin

        Dude, Rodney Daingerfield died in 2004, not some time in the 80s.

    • wtfPolice

      and why is their name ‘Tittyfat’? 13 year-olds these days…

  • John

    i still cannot wait for toy story 3

  • time cop

    sad but somehow awesome

  • Anonymous

    woody got fat

  • Chris

    Aww, it’s all old. Dang, I can’t wait to watch Toy Story 3.

  • Roman

    I was in high school dickhead!

  • Asif

    No, this doesn’t make me feel old. I was already old in 1999

  • Anonymous

    Toys never get old, but dogs do.

  • Sandra

    Wow… some of you commenters here are still really young. I hate you a little for saying you feel old!

  • JJ

    dat ass Woody is now a meme.

  • dt520

    That dog got fatttttttttttt!

  • Andy

    When Andy was a kid… I was a kid. Now Andy is going to college, I’m a college senior. Oh, my name is also Andy.

  • Laur

    Re: Michael

    Just because Rodney Dangerfield died before she was born doesn’t mean she doesn’t know who he is. Caddyshack is a pretty famous movie. Thats like saying, well I was born in 1988, so I should have no idea who Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix or John Lennon are. Jesus.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Damn, now*I* feel really old! “Caddyshack” was the first R-rated movie I snuck into at the tender age of 14…*wistful sigh*

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  • Beth

    Oh man… my oldest nephew wasn’t even around when the first Toy Story movie was out… he loved Toy Story 2 when he was a baby… and now Toy Story 3 is out, Andy’s gone to college, and my nephew’s a teenager. ;_;

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  • wesley

    I already felt old when the big tv people decided to cancel all the tv shows I grew up with and instead started broadcasting total moronic crap.. Even I remember how MTV used to rock and now it’s nothing more than a channel filled with all the dilemmas of being a 16 year old rich kid!

  • Josh

    1999 was an awesome year. That is all.

  • BobDole

    Wow… I was 9 years old when Toy Story came out. I’m now 24 and definitely feeling old, but I’ll still be going to see Toy Story 3!

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