Anybody else feeling a little old?

toy story Anybody else feeling a little old?

Unrelated, but awesome video:

The video consists of 355 photos taken with the Olympus PEN, printed in billboard size and shot again.
The video was produced with the Olympus PEN itself. No tricks or computer animation at all. Hats off to to Takeuchi Taijin for his support and direction.

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  • Abdul Mctier

    Everybody get’s old except the dead.

  • jacobian

    I remember watching toy story when the matrix came up at 1999,the same year as toy story.well I am grown up now anyway. 🙂

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  • Laura

    Toy Story 3 better be as good as the first two (which were amazing) or it’s not even worth it. They wrapped up the second one in a very nice way and I’m sad that we actually see the toys being grown out of…hopefully it will work out though in the movie (maybe Andy will get his college girlfriend knocked up and give the toys to his new kid, and the cycle continues)

  • Anonymous

    damn, cant believe i was 10 when i first watch toy story. time sure does fly

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  • mssugarkane

    Yuup, i was in kindergarten now im a sophomore in college, its crazy, and kinda sad. So much of my youth is already gone.
    On the bright side, Im so pumped to take my little brothers to see Toy Story 3!

  • JoeySz

    I wasn’t feeling old until all of you pieces of shit commented how you can’t believe you’re already in college. Fuck you, whipper-snappers.

  • dragontamer363

    wow I was 10 in 1999…I sure didn’t feel 10.
    somewhat depressing. It’s adorable how they aged the dog though. gaaww.

  • Chris Ziers

    I was born in 92. I was young when Andy was young as well and he’s going to college just as I am now… Geez… I used to be AFRAID that my toys were going to come get me if I wasn’t good to them. lol

  • Dylyn

    Aww, they aged the dog!!! I was born the year toy story came out and I got my Buzz Lightyear toy when I was two (which is still up in my attic!). Just watched the 2nd one again a couple weekends ago and (almost) blubbered like a baby during Jessie’s story (I still have my Jessie rag doll too!)

  • mrsK

    how old r the kids publishing this stuff? feel old?!?! seriously! that makes me feel ancient. thanks punks!

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  • Guest

    I know I'm young, and I was just born when Toy Story 2 came out when I was born, but I can't help but feel old when I watched 3.
    I happen to only be eleven, but I just remember watching those movies as a kid.
    Everything changed so quickly, I feel so ancient compared to my younger cousins.
    Dang, I wonder how I'll feel when I'm sixteen.

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