I just got back from Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page… (23 Photos)

  • oasux

    if she wasn’t kim kardashian, she’d be pretty damn hot

    • UrDumb

      She looks alright now but she is on the plastic surgery fast track to looking like a weird platic doll. I’m going to call this one. I say within the next ten years she goes from looking good to completley scary.

    • boobage

      all the hotness of kim kardashian without being a filthy douchebag

      • shatnersbasson

        yeah the irish model god shes a stunner

      • yep

        Georgia Salpa as hot as kim kardasian??????

        not even close.
        your an idiot.

    • yep

      lol. These comments are all pretty damn funny. If Kim Kardasian walked into your job at Staples and asked you to walk to the backroom and bust one off real quick, NOT ONE OF YOU would turn her down. you would all grovel at her big beautiful perfect ass the moment you saw her. but as a form of denial or self hatred maybe, you all insult her fine ass??? lol. lmao. wow. Truly funny. truly truly funny.
      Now, everyone commence with more lies and say that you wouldn’t f**k her brains out, or make some other gay jokes about why u wouldn’t. Atleast you all believe each other right?

  • WeirdGary

    Goddamn this bitch is in love with herself. I wonder how many pictures on her phone are just of her, standing in front of a mirror, making that stupid kissing face.

  • NTFW

    i dont fucking get it

  • zym

    If I woke up and saw #3 coming at me, I’d have to mace it. Not the spray kind, the spiked metal ball on a stick kind.

    • top dog

      Yeah, right after you jacked off to it, cause that’ll be the only way you’ll get it.

      • wickedjack

        wow, nice one. blasting random ppl over the internet, huh? you’ve got balls!

        • Guest Commenter

          Pot! Kettle's on the phone for you.

  • ChrisDG74

    If not for the fact that we ALL know she’s had been ridden (REALLY) hard and put up wet so many times, she might be attractive. I need a penicillin shot just from looking at these pics.

    • herpmasterB

      Herpes or no, I don’t think I could resist. Double dome it my friends and play safe!

  • Nick4444

    I’d be more scared of her gorilla of a sister. But I still wouldn’t touch her with a pole.

  • imdbsucks

    I’m more of a realist, guys. And I’d hit it so hard whoever pulled me out of it would be crowned the King of England.

    • percival

      i’m with you, imdbsucks, in both comment and user name.

      • NTFW

        i now pronounce you man and wife…

    • (A)

      Goddamn you. I’ve been waiting for days to use that line.

  • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

    we already have one self obsessed, big assed, famous hussie so let’s just stick with J-Lo plz

    • UrDumb

      Ha that was funny. Kim got the calo lipps and platic face. I bet she looks worse than J Lo when she reaches that age.

      • b.o.l

        Idiots. JLo is gorgeous

    • T&A

      Jlo is whack, Kim's ass is like a gift from god. Daddy would knock that out like Mike Tyson

  • meh

    I would like to have dog-styled intercourse with her

  • youngAnniken

    not sure if want

    • Paul

      somebody get me some duct tape and a can of Lysol

      I’m going in.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Don’t forget your hardhat light, pickax and rope!

        • mj

          hahahahahahahahahahaha. “echo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o…. Hello-o-o-o-o-o-o?”

          • ChrisDG74

            Like throwing a hot dog down an airplane hangar.

        • northerner

          Thump, Unnghh, OOOF! HHNF nails’em again! Give it up, guys…

  • ROK

    i know she’s a megaskank and all, but damn she can be really good lookin’ at times.

  • frosted flake

    Gimme some Kim Kardashian with a side of

    John Candy ————->

  • bowhuntpa

    #16 nice pussy

  • Equalizer

    LO is so lucky

  • ozzie

    right in her butt…that is all.

  • nouu

    yeah, john seems to think the nastiest bitches are hot.

    • Donnie Dork

      hate to disagree with you. An excerpt from the New York Post:

      “…the Chive also has a knack for plucking women from obscurity…. after ‘Jen Baby’ was featured she landed a gig as an MTV2 VJ. Caryn Pick was asked to pose for FHM just days after her Chive intro and most recently backed Ashley, the Penn State senior who made it to the finals of College Humors ‘Hottest College Girl In America’

      So I guess John might have OK taste. I could be wrong.

  • Mattythegooch

    I have contracted gonorrhea of the eyes. I’ve tore through my share skeezers, but even my dick is retreating on this one!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not really hung up on her, but I have to say she looks pretty doable in #6.

    • Shawn Triplett

      I wish that I could meet her one day

  • Verbal Kint

    I tried so hard to not want. But the want could not be denied.

  • Nicnac

    that’s what we need. More women who are more slut than sexy, famous for no other reason than their dad’s did something. I wish these damn ‘cardassians’ would go away.

    • mj

      ditto. But I call them “kartrashians”

  • aosux

    I tried it one more time because it’s back at the top again, for some reason. Her face just annoys me

  • Mustafa_Beer

    She’s famous why???
    Seriously, I’d hit that quicker and harder than a nun hits the kid who shot her with a spitball. Personally, with my low standards, take all 3 sisters , call them a 9 hole golf course… Can I play through?

    • Rusty

      But it’s so boring to play golf by yourself. It’s really best when you bring some friends with you to work the back 9.

      • Mustafa_Beer

        Yeah, but think of the cart paths, rolling hills, valleys and some deep, deep crevices…

        • Rusty

          Then you DEFINITELY need some friends with you. At the least, you need someone to hold the lanyard on your safety harness in case you fall in!


    her sister is sexier… not the manish one the other one

  • mj

    She is undoubtedly hot and I secretly hate her, but my problem is that she made a big deal about “i have cellulite? So what? Women should embrace their curves.” PUH!!!! Didn’t I JUST see you get your ass lipo’ed on tv? Aren’t you endorsing DIET PILLS? And honestly she doesn’t look half as scrumptious as she used too, she used to be soft and hard in all the rigt places, now she just looks like everyone else. And doesn’t she know when she stops those pills that she’s going to balloon back up? Can’t wait to see how that goes.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I love you. We must join forces.

      • mj

        and furthermore, they featured her in SHAPE this month. You know what I did when I noticed cellulite? I used what little down time I have between two jobs and started running six days a week. THAT’s what SHAPE should be about! Must be nice….

    • Mattythegooch

      Scrumptious?? That’s the adjective i using when describing the ice cream I sell out of the back of my van.

  • Anonymous


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