I just got back from Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page… (23 Photos)

  • j

    She’s not “banged out”…so she made a flick with someone…WTF hasn’t? She’s hot as fuck and I’d bang her silly. As for the echo, rope and pick axe comments….maybe you guys are inadequate, but I’d have no problem filling her up…sorry boys, perhaps that there, is MAN territory….

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  • Jessica

    she is starting to look so much like her mother to me, they have like the exact same face just hers is younger

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  • Anonymous

    Damn i thought that third pic was J.Lo

  • Anonymous

    I’d hit this bitch just to do it. Would I wife or gf it? FUCK NO! ROFL

  • fl4isa

    what an UGLY woman! bwahahahaha…….don’t really c anything attractive about this whore…her looks are boring ….

  • http://natasha.criswell129@gmail.com natasha

    Kim is a undercover slut she goes around sleepin an havin sex with celeb men an she thinks it’s cool,no think again sweety,that is y I luv chloe cuz she straight up.Give him up kim you dnt blong wit him b**ch!

  • amanda hugginkiss

    I wonder who she thinks is hotter than her so I can see where her ego is at…I mean, besides a good f u c k what else does she bring to the table.

  • amanda hugginkiss

    She can definitely get me over my ex-girlfriend in a heartbeat. She would make my ex look like Miss Piggy-Oh i forgot, she already does look like her…lol

  • Amanda

    What's up with the kissing face…I don't wanna kiss her-her mouth has probably been around quite a few blocks and she might even have halitosis for all I know…She does look good-I might suck her tities after I play with them and her pussy but she's still a slut. Definitely not girlfriend material-whoever gets with her is a sucker.

  • amanda

    i'll pee in her mouth.

  • lovalova

    bullsh*t. every guy on this wants to do her so hard..every guy wishes he was ray-j. it hurts cuz you can never get that.

  • dom

    id tap that

  • kevin

    makes up well….if you like fake looking women who completely are the opposite of what they are after all the slap comes off, the silicone and implants come out…..i'll take a natural woman with a brain anyday.

  • Bruce Jenner


  • Draton

    Hey Guys don't get so mad at her , she doesn't like 90% of you that are posting, She seems to like black men, and I say man are the black men lucky to be able get a beautiful woman like that so save all your negative comments you aren't in the running anyway, go trash Jennifer Ainston how manny boyfriends has she had in the past year sheez.

  • anon

    i would

  • Rudy

    everyone on this comment page are losers,give up fellas you will never get anything closer then what u just saw!

  • Jordan

    I love her and would fuck the shit out her I would make it once you go me you never go back lol

  • Blasé

    The only thing she and the rest of the Hollywood women have going for them is their outward appearance-

    They will always get attention from men….but they don't have a clue what it takes to KEEP a man.

    Her mother is nothing but a glorified Pimp.

  • Bill Ostrander, Jr.

    Yep. Every time Kim tweets I guess it usually shows up on Chelsea Handler's show Chelsea Lately. She usually mentions her at least once a night.

  • kirk

    how many black jocks do you have to fuck to be famous? Kim's still trying to figure it out. That pussy must be so big white guys get lost in there!!!!!!!

  • http://www.nike-air.org Marry

    I wonder how many pictures on her phone are just of her, standing in front of a mirror, making that stupid kissing face.

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