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  • samfromVA

    Meanwhile in Pakistan!

  • Anonymous

    Your here to pick up who’s daughter???

  • Fred Bloggs

    Communists: I’m ready for them…

  • RenegadeMaster

    A typical Racoon City cabinet.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Nico Bellic closet. No srsly

  • Kinginhiscastle

    And this is MY locker here at the NRA headquarters.

  • Rik

    Mexicans!! Can you stop them?

  • Stefan

    thank GOD for red necks.

  • Twohi2play

    Get Some!!!

  • EricVDM

    Meanwhile in Texas…

  • al bondigas

    Don’t worry, I got this.

  • Gene

    This week on “Hoarders”…

  • John Smith

    More than I need, not as many as I want.

  • Crozic

    I’m sorry. Would you like to fucking repeat that?

  • OG

    Shhhhhh. I’m huntin wabbits

  • vin

    Chuck Norris brand ® breakfast cereal. Just add gunpowder.

  • Luke

    When the fine line between Left 4 Dead and reality is crossed….

  • Chris

    Zombie Outbreak – It’s just a matter of time

  • uzii

    There’s alot of guns protecting that safe

  • Gray

    Choice one: You get shot, Choice 2: You get shot eighty times. You choose.

  • KraZe_EyE

    Guns…Lots of guns…

  • KraZe_EyE

    Coming soon to a postal office near you…

  • Anonymous

    “we got bullets”

  • Bob

    “we got bullets”

  • Col_cuddles

    Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah

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