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  • steven frijoles

    And this one is the salad gun, always to the right of the soup gun

  • T Rec

    come to my house, and you won't leave, im not gonna call the cops, im not gonna call for help, im gonna leave a note on his head that reads "I did it to myself"

  • Sam

    WTF?!?!?! where's the food…

  • travis

    looks like clarrett's locker at osu!

  • leah

    chuck norris's mini fridge

  • Brittany

    Zombie Apocalypse?= Challenge Accepted 🙂

  • FoxyMaracas

    Eeeny meeny miny mo…

  • corwyn11

    SOOOOO, your my daughters date huh? Come here boy and take a look at what I will use to hunt you down if you even so much as breathe on my baby girl!!!!!

    • finsdeli


  • Anonymous

    low sperm count?

  • Underhill

    Need help burning off out-dated ammo??

  • Jay Jay

    Ted Bundy's childhood toybox was found today….

  • lilix long

    we ran out of toilet paper and had one more closet with nothing in it, so….

  • lilix long

    and in closet number four….

  • lilix long


  • relp-me-raggy!!!

    WRECKED UM? HELL, damn near killed um!!!

  • shayla

    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE… Soon my pretties.

  • JMP

    Do you have a spare AR-15 i can use?

  • Brad

    Arsenals, the reason you don't fuck with Republicans

  • keepfloatin

    Arsenal Level: 100

  • Adam Daggy

    I used to be a postal worker.

  • Adam Daggy

    And next on The Price is Right…

  • Adam Daggy

    So it turns out my shift manager told me to fill the company safe with "ones."
    She really needs to speak up.

  • FoxCassidy

    these are my rifles. there are many like them but these 27 are mine…

  • Jeremy

    I have options…

  • Tony

    "i know i put the milk in here somewhere.."

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