Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • lowdown

    what is that giant yellow thing in 21?

    • peter

      you mean what is the giant yellow thing in #23 🙂

    • amanda

      I think it’s butter, but I can’t tell what she’s carving

      • Fapmaster

        Butter !? I think that the yellow thing in #23 is a woman’s breast ! I’m pretty sure about that.

    • Silverstone

      It's The Queen's royal crown, Mate! Keep Calm and Carry On!

  • Nick4444

    HA! #4 got owned.

    • Silverstone

      I can think of several money-making opportunities he let go by on that one!

  • Hotdog Neck

    #9 really should be a 'Caption This' photo.

    • desertsteel


  • paul

    thank you Ben

    – Chivers

    • Belisario

      I thank Mother Nature for gorgeous women, she’s breathtaking.
      # 23, nice try, but: Sweden is not qualified. however, hot chicks are always welcome.

    • Lazlo Lowenstein

      #33 is Iga Wyrwal, a Polish model making a big splash in Brit magazines devoted primarily to economics and foreign trade. Google Images is your friend here.

    • norm

      Ben is one hot motherfucker.

    • Paul

      The one who voted down…. YOU ARE GAY! or her mother..

  • Vern

    Thanks Ben!

  • quantum meruit

    19 is a post-op MTF transexual.

  • Dea9

    #33 FML

  • Mike

    Who is #19. She’s hot!

  • She's sexy!

    Who is #19. She’s hot!

    • Mark

      I am not sure (I graduated 6 years ago) but I think I went to school with her. If it is her, that would be weird, cause she was anti-tattoo in school.

  • OGreatTim


    Where the hell is nowheresville? I might be moving… I love the view you have there in Wisconsin.

    • Lev

      Tim, I’m pretty sure that she is not originally from Minessota, US. She has slavic features and must be from Eastern Europe.

  • Vonshine

    18 is so true

    • aosux

      So is #14. Oh, to worry about peeing your pants, now those were the days

  • dooby

    26 – bazinga.

    • Brandon

      Hmm, that looks like Vince from College Humor.

  • thegreatfastby

    Ah, kid in 28 is like, “FUCK NO!!!!! I’m dead and Im in fucking hell surrounded by cunts! The indignity of it all! Why did it have to me!”

  • aosux

    That camel thinks he’s gunna get some

    • Camel

      … and I did. She was so insanely hot that the temptation overcame me. Poor thing needed a emergency operatiion after that

  • Rob

    Okay, am I the only one the baby cake in #5 creeps out?

    • P-90

      No you’re not.

    • Martin

      Is it too late to abort it?

  • tyronelab

    Chive sometimes comes up with a full post about some women posted in these random posts. If you could do that for 33 then it’d be appreciated.

  • Ronin

    Is #21 a crown cake thing?

  • saraheleanor17

    Is #4 real? That’s embarrassing lol

    • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

      I grew up in Ohio and let’s just say i’d put $ on it being real =P

  • nickmare

    28 made me laugh so hard i hurt my back, and the last pic was nice i would love to see her looking at the camera

  • ROK


  • LOL

    #9. That’s IT!!! Chive! Y’all are cruel! Thongs should just not even be MADE in some sizes! That’s just wrongggggggg and y’all are wrong for subjecting us to it without warning!!! 😛 You did however help my retinal scarring with #19 & #33. Thank you Ben. 🙂

    #6…I wanna be a kid again that loves their new toy that much! 😉

  • flange inspector

    #33 certainly looks like Eva Wyrwal. who will be my wife soon

  • Limasol

    Iga Wyral is super super hot (last pic) I prefer her straight hair brunette look to her blonde but frankly that like saying i prefer 5000 million in cash to 4999 million in cash

  • ken

    Ben is somewhere. Oh yes, Ben is most certainly somewhere.

    #1. I’d be lined up right next to those three guys.

    #3. Getting run over by a bus is severely traumatizing. Seeing your ‘rents in a porno may be weird, it may be awkward, but “severely traumatizing?” It’s just sex. Get over it! (It would be really weird, though).

    #5. Whomever volunteers to cut into that baby cake with the knife immediately gets an FBI file created.

    #9 NOOOOOOOOO! Too late to unsee!

    #15. Anyone betting that she tripped on her own Bell-Bottoms?

    #17: Still not ready to laugh at the oil spill disaster 😦

    #27: Pickled cartoon characters: just twisted enough to amuse me. Same for #28. Are they celebrities? Missionaries? I think he will really benefit from their visit.

    #31: I’m glad that kid was shopped in there. That dog is scary!

    #32 reminds me of “The Ring.”

    Thanks again, Ben.

  • top dog

    I’ll bet the kid in #4 will never jack off to porn ever again.

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