• grant

    oh my god that was side splitting

  • jfrank

    fucking lol. babies, man

  • Mattythegooch

    Hmmmmm, I believe I shall purchase this for my wife. ( for her to sleep in. )

    • Brandon

      you’re married to a midget?

  • bowhuntpa

    200$ ill take iT!!!!!!!

  • oasux

    why would you fuel the midget once he’s belligerent?

    • 123 Roast Him

      Well, if they give him more alcohol once he’s already in the crib, that would make for some pretty awesome midget-shocking hilarity!

  • Thisisme

    Now i want a midget.

  • Equalizer

    Do you have one for my pet wolverine?

  • Jon without the h

    Oh man…this guy is nuts. That’s worth way more than just $200. I would have told her to piss off.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m torn between mirth and horror, for what I’ve seen on the news.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I love this guy. Dontevenreply is probably my favorite site, I wish he updated it more. You must check it out for even better posts.

  • ken

    LOL! “Calming mist of pepper spray,” That’s some funny stuff right there.

  • Matt

    hahahaha omg thats funny as shit!!! i just hope for the sake of this world that its only a joke.

  • Kinginhiscastle

    Man, I about fell off my chair laughing at this. But then I never had children either. Look closely at those battery cables- if that was a metal bar across the top, it would short out the battery and blow it up.

    • Wendy

      I have kids and still made me laugh my ass off! The pepper spray is the best.

  • tornSamurai

    I lost it at the pepper spray, the tequila was freaking funny This was hilarious!

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  • pookie

    This took a while to load for some reason, so I was able to scroll through and look at some VERY grainy images, but they were enough to make me laugh my fucking ass off

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