Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • Great Odin's Raven !!!

    #10….Hold on to that feelaaiiaaaann !!!!

  • Anonymous

    31 made my day

  • Anonymous

    #35 caption should be “MOAR!!!”

  • yeahhhhh

    #35 should be captioned “MOAR!!!”

  • someguy

    Chive is getting better with every week. Keep up the great work!

  • infamous9

    # 42, this is why womens beach volleyball is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ChrisDG74

      Agreed. Could use a little more hot, girl-on-girl action though.

  • Chris

    Wait you mean those girls on t.v. are playing a sport and its not just jumping up and down for me? Hmmm…never noticed they were volleyball players. I bet you i’m not the first though!

  • EB

    # 11
    Saw a side shot of this woman on TV. She has a million dollar ass, a real money-maker.
    A piece of that would make your balls ache; in a good way, not like a bad case of the bullhead clap.

  • licious

    the guy in # 23 looks like steven spielberg..20 years ago…

  • averagesizeguy

    I never liked fat people either

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    • HellHathNoFury

      No thanks, headache.

  • culion

    # 18, it’s funny, but….Columbia? I thought it was Colombia.

    • Hubble

      Colombia or Columbia depends on what language you’re speaking.

  • Alex

    #41 is all kinds of wrong :))

    and guys please fix the Facebook Connect already !

  • Cyprien

    #4 “Road Closed… Due to carnivorous trees”

  • top dog

    In pic #2, the one sitting, forget it, it will never happen. The one standing, she got a chance. Thats one bad ass in #40.

  • cj

    what’s in the jar in pic #1

    • Hubble

      Well, if you look closely, the word “Grandma” can be seen on the label, so I’m thinkin’ grandma got cremated. Why the ashes are in the fridge beats me.

      • cj

        oh, i thought it was saying as he was afraid grandma would eat whatever was in the jar. thanks for clearing that up my bad

  • spott

    #1 I’m drunk and I suddenly figured it out(and agree) It’s Grandmas Ashes.

  • mattywestside

    Stop drinking 😦 it’s making little Timmy sad

  • Exclaim

    who is #25? She looks damn hot.

  • bobg4400

    the girl in #27 has an amazing stomach. anyone know who she is?

    • FLnavyboy

      i believe its miss roxx but im not positive. if not its damn close and when you search miss roxx you wont be disapointed

  • Vic

    Who is #45?. shes is beautiful!!!!!!

  • Cprl. LeDuque Winchester Hamilton, III

    Who is #14??

    • Anonymous

      #14 is an english model called lucy pinder i think

  • culion

    why does grandma need to be refrigerated?

  • Lil_C

    HOLY BATMAN & Santa-Christ!!!
    Who is #29

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