An ode to yoga pants (17 photos)

  • flenin

    #3 could not be more uncalled for

    thank you chive for slotting that in there…

    • HellHathNoFury

      You willingly came to a site that’s about 75% hot chicks and clicked on a post with four asses as a cover. Quit being a bitch.

      • FartFace

        you tell em, HHNF :]

    • Jon

      I hit the Kinda Classic button, just in case anyone from The Chive was wondering. Admirable collection, just not as great as it could have been. Your missing some of the finer points of Yoga pants, when worn outside of their usual setting, other then that BRILLIANT!….

  • Lupivthegreat

    I want to be the guy in #16 😦

    • PewPew

      Although he looks like he is overdue for a sexual assault charge… or a lawsuit.

      You can’t tell me he couldn’t place his hands on the buttocks and not shocker the poor girls!

      • dantesspot

        Yeah, #16 is totally wrong! He’s a sceve and a perv…

    • frisbee_john

      No you dont. That dude is probably going to jail.

  • the dude

    Thumbs up if you want to see a suicide girls post

    • Hipster Cat

      Judging by your thumbs down, I guess a lot of people don't know who the "Suicide Girls" are. But it's ok, I would have guessed that they'd have never heard about it.

  • Joeyk

    An ode to sweet asses is more like it

  • dawson1488

    MOAR of #5! That is all.

    • Dissonant

      A post for #5 would be GREAT!

      • Its-a me, Mario

        Or 6, 12 and 14. That is all.

  • youdummy

    That instructor is cracking me up. He could easily put his hand on the cheek or lower back. Nope, he goes right for the toe.

  • Anonymous

    #5 was she wering pants? didnt see them

  • aosux

    that guy has some balls

    • depcrestwood

      No, that guy has some toes.

  • stafferty

    #17, you are a sick,sick man

  • Equalizer

    I want to be a Yoga Instructor!!!

  • mullie

    #5 is, is, is … … … just something else.
    Anyone know who that is ?
    lets have a special post dedicated to her

  • unfairrobot

    #5 is Jarah Mariano. She’s a Victoria’s Secret model.

    • PewPew

      You’ve done ur fellow man a great service. You deserve a thumbs up.

  • Sauru

    #16 makes me happy my wife does not go to yogo

  • jan

    No she’s not the victoria’s secret model. Looks nothing like her

    • jared

      except for the fact that it is most definitely Jarah Mariano.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always loved those pants

  • top dog

    Those pants would look much better if they had a real ass in em.

    • depcrestwood

      True that … my wife has a real ass and wears yoga pants all the time and it is nothing but an awesome thing.

      • Nateb123

        Agreed. I could find better asses in yoga pants within a block of my house. Of course my neighbourhood is nothing but pretty, rich, 20-something women and there’s a Lululemon around the corner so take that for what it’s worth.

  • Robert Marley

    Yoga Pants: Oh, I love you so.
    Yoga Ass/Legs/Body: You embarrass me in public as my pants begins to rise.

  • Insert Name Here

    #14 Miranda Kerr please.

  • Matt

    Amazing bodies and great butts!!! great post Chive!!!

    • Nateb123

      Meh. Go to Supertangas and elevate your standards. These are hardly more than flat.

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  • Jake

    WTF #17 ?

  • Jim West

    this girls ass is unbelieveably lickable

  • Shorty_87

    Bike shorts and yoga pants are in the same category right?

  • Le Winning

    If anyone has more Yoga slideshow's send them my way, at

  • crableggs

    #16 no way is that real, is that real? he might aswell give them his digit:D

    • bumble

      He at least owes them dinner.

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