Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • tw25b

    #9 is so beautiful, #37 thank god im from texas

  • Doug Goff

    Dude whoever posted #13 just brought back many Saturday nights as a 13 year old for me lol. To whoever sent that, thanks!!!

  • Jon

    #37 – Why yes I do approve. Next time she should have a hand bra on instead. Otherwise chive on.

  • 2257

    #13 is pure genius. Make him a staff writer. And, yes. I know it was a man that submitted it. A woman wouldn’t give enough shit to watch fuzzy titties long enough to fill a gym sock.

  • Lokobo

    Dammit 9, I NEED NAMES!!

  • I laugh at shit.

    Please don’t let this turn into another holy taco… i see more and more pictures of women on this site… i don’t come here for women, i come here for shit to laugh at.

  • bowhuntpa


  • uotom

    please take me to #10

  • you can have my pink umbrella

    9- suicide girl, did you try and off yourself by firing 3 pellets from an airgun into your mug?

  • Anonymous

    so the cat does’t mind getting buried but if you look closer on the left corner of of the cat, it looks like its part of a chain that buried lol or it could be its collar but whatever

  • docsully

    #19 who is that?
    #37 who is that?
    #35 that’s fu@&ing team work!

  • qwerty


  • yoboi

    Mean on #17. She’s an old lady for fvck’s sake.

  • dkbales

    #18 – Nun better…

  • DrRockso

    #13 is so true, did alot of spanking to squiggly porn. The audio always came in perfectly, which helped.

  • ivica197

    look 15 again

  • Equalizer

    Good Work Dillon!

  • Anonymous

    That umbrella is fo drizzle

  • rhythmdevil

    #30: “Not only did it take me three hours to find my car last night because the lights were off, but then I couldn’t get in because some a-hole had locked the door.”

  • Dom

    33 deserves an “at first I was like” ” but then I was like”

  • potato

    bravo will
    more people like you needed

    • northerner

      Good man.

  • kernal Angus

    Dillon…YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  • Anonymous

    apparently the steak billboard actually smells like cooking steak…there was a news story on it and everything

  • Anonymous

    Thanks W, First look was for Jane Doe, with no luck, gotta look it up as one word, found it tonight, yummy!

  • Aries83

    #26 is that Corey Haim?

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