I know it’s summer but that’s no reason to tan away your dignity (27 Photos)

If you want more tanning train wrecks, click here.

  • terry

    i’ll take the skin cancer with a side melanoma please

  • jellio

    Definitely #27. That’s just hilarious. instead of pure doucheness. 27FTW

  • goposaur

    The ayatollahs and toilettes of douchbagistan.

  • Anonymous

    #23 – they look like anuses…with a bad tan….. i’m just sayin’…

  • Anonymous

    it’s not tan
    they just went the oppsite way of MJ

  • Blip

    Shit, ducklips AND orange spray…

  • me

    the ‘snooky; look is in i guess…..retards!!

  • Anonymous

    i used to go to school with this chick that had a fabulous orange tan, she thought she really thought she was hot because of it, but she never could grasp why everyone was laughing around her:) it was awesome

    • Matt

      hahaha i used to go to school with a girl like that too. she was actually pretty hot, but the orange tan she had, made her look so stupid!

  • Matt

    Do any of these people realize just how bad they look? and half are orange!!!!

  • culion

    Is #10 some kind of Chernobyl class reunion?

  • culion

    #7 looks like a turd

  • JonnyRot

    Loled at #2 – look at that dude’s arm.

  • Anonymous

    These people have problems

  • tsukushi

    What’s wrong with being your natural skin tone?

  • Anonymous

    it is just painfully pathetic how painfully accepted these douche bags want to be…..what a bunch of idiots.

  • ghostly

    Apparently tanning booths have only two settings: Oompa Loompa and Obama

  • zoink

    okay, like for real, does the flash of the camera bring the orange out? because honestly, how could these people’s friends even dare to be seen with them?

  • Sub

    The red head with the orange dude is smoking Hot.

    I would be good to get more pictures of her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WillSann Will Sann

    lol…i know the dude on #20. He is always at Paninis in down town Cleveland

  • Dragonfly

    Gross….just gross

  • ...

    11 strangely reminds me of jason segel

  • that guy

    Every chick with # 5 is super busted and he acts like he’s surrounded by playboy bunnies or something…#23 with the epic duckface needs a steel-toe to the d-sucker.

  • jg2828

    if we can't just blow up the "jersey shore" can we at least have a where are they now gallery so we can all chuckle at these douche's as they are hanging out the drive through window giving the people who have done something with their lives the food they ordered and didn't have to use daddys money to pay with???

  • http://melanotanhq.com/forum/ Chris

    Looks like there is some peptide abuse going on in some of those photos

  • Anonymous

    The oompalompas are comin for a new movie.

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