Her name’s Lena, the internet loves this chick. (17 Photos)

Lena Meyer-Landrut, born 23 May 1991, goes by her stage name Lena, is a German singer. She represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway, and won the thing. Apparently, winning the Eurovision contest is like becoming the American Idol or some shit. But beyond her talent, she's become an internet phenomenon. Lena is one the most Googled chicks on the net with an insane internet fan base. She's cute n' all but I'm curious what the Chivers have to say about her, because your opinion is really the only thing that matters...

  • Chris

    I like how she looks. She’s not OMGHOT, but has that “This is an actual human, not a CG face” thing going for her, unlike most other celebs.

    • unfairrobot

      Exacto-fuckin-lutely. She’s better looking than a fair percentage of the “ladies” usually featured.

  • Libertariandude

    As far as celebrities go, she’s average. But if she weren’t famous, just a girl living in my street or attending the same class, I would be totally into her.

    • Carnage

      This is the way I see it. If her and my wife were both standing in my living room and I could do either without getting killed, I’d still pick my wife. No doubt.

      If a woman doesn’t pass that test, she isn’t hot.

  • Manicotti


  • Equalizer

    #6 – is my Fav

  • Langy

    Cute like a mouse, but thats as far as I’d go…

  • Olcowboy

    Sorta cute, girl next door stuff….

  • Anonymous

    Kidding me, right?

  • dongtacular

    Aww, she’s adorable! I don’t mind having a few posts about nice girls instead of bikini models. (But the last pic will have to be googled)

    ——————————————–> Adam Sandler

  • Jimmy

    She’s got my 12 points!


    she is cute in that wanna get past the boob shot on the internet sorta way
    so many fails here is a win —————->batman

  • Anonymous

    i like that she seems more attainable than most celebs. she seems like someone who would actually talk to you in a bar, not turn her nose up at you and walk away

  • hell yeah!

    I’d hit that shit!

  • poppajo8

    She’s got sexy girl-next-door look, I’d say as she ages, she could become a pretty hot chick.

  • doo dah doo doo

    some pictures are better than others, but what i really need to know is:

    how do i say “please shit on my chest” in german. I know there’s a scheisse and a bitte in there.

    she’s german, she’d probably be okay with it, ya?

  • Jules

    She’s already 19 years old, guys 😉

  • Rob

    Cute. Reminds me of a young Nanci Griffith. Google her you young farts. And get off my lawn!

  • Al

    Felicia Day with black hair.

  • Anonymous

    looks like the average German girl… damn I miss Germany
    ————————-> Richard P. FTW—————————————————>

  • rocknrolla

    I wouldn’t compare winning eurovision to american idol (which is based on a european show btw). Eurovision is more of a funny family thing that isn’t taken seriously at all, a couple years back some guy in a latex monster mask won the whole thing.

  • Jorit

    I’m from Europe but it’s only now that I find out she won it. No-one in Europe cares about this competition. Seriously no-one cares.

  • dave

    i’d put my balls in it.

  • P-90

    ‘Internet sensation’ why? she’s just normal looking.

  • norm

    Never seen/heard of her, she’s looks like the unfortunate Rumer Willis.

  • alki

    Eurovision was created in 1956 by the european broadcasting union as a ‘light entertainment’ programme designed to bring europe together and boost morale while we were rebuilding after the war. (dont compare it to a knock off of a british show — it cheapens the knock off).
    Nobody except the performers take that shit seriously. Where i come from we have ‘eurovision parties’ where we all get together and mock every performer to come on stage. Especially our own.

    Having said that, i’d do her.

    • MichaelGS

      you can get pretty drunk if you play drinking games with that show. Apart from that the show is shit. Lordi from a few years back made it bearable

  • Nagrom

    She is FUCKIN’ SMOKIN!!!! What an ass in #6.

    I’d bone her till my bone couldn’t bone anymore.

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