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  • jay

    The Carp Mouth Club’s annual party has better entertainment this year

  • mmhmmm

    everyone in this picture is gay

  • Kennydmac


    Could this qualify as a photobomb? lol

  • Larry

    Excellent the Biggest Loser is just about to start.

  • top dog

    Older man: Good Lord!! college was never this good fifty years ago!
    Younger man: Hell grandpa, college was never this good thirty years ago! Did you bring the viagra?

  • tiger woulds

    Lets put on Justin Bieber to gay this up!

  • Nicnac

    Question: What is happening behind the photographer?!?

  • Sahasrahla

    Ted Jr. was psyched that he might see a nipple for the first time in his life.
    Ted Sr. was shocked that he responded, not with a boner, but by loudly shitting himself.

  • prodigaldick

    My Metamucil shake brings all the girls to the yard!

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day I’d be all pedo-bear on that ass

  • alvonhorn

    Cockblocked by your d-bag grandson. I’d be disgusted too…

  • Guy

    With age comes wisdom.

  • stevie

    Shady Oaks decided Chip was no longer a good match for the Senior Day Out program.

  • JT

    I told you Ecstasy was a good idea grandpa.

  • bcbeltes

    Son, when you said you got a ‘HI-DEF’ tv, I thought…

  • jon

    Hugh Hefner’s poorer brother Ronnie gets value for his buck.

  • VoiceOfReason99

    hey grampa, this family reunion rockes!!!!

  • Franckshute

    Spend your afternoone with grandpa… you’re doing it right

  • p-tron

    Finally, the teleporter in the women’s locker room kicked on.

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    Assisted Living: gets even better at sponge bath time

  • Betty Fukter

    Even gold diggers have to practice before they are pro’s.

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    I guess testing positive for gayness depends on your perspective.

  • Cynikill

    “Before and After – Before – Wow, I get to bone 4 hotties, after, they are related to me!”

  • M_O_A_M

    The Blair Witch Project pt3 – Fucking Retarded.

  • Dan

    They look old enough to me

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