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  • M_O_A_M

    alzheimer’s – not so funny when you can’t remember which one is your granddaughter, is it?

  • Anonymous

    The day grampa had a stroke.

  • depcrestwood

    The Siskel and Ebert of internet porn.

  • WOW

    When they converted to Islam, Fred Muhammad and Eddie bin Laden were expecting 40 virgins when they died, not four skanks. But it’ll do.

  • Serious Comments

    Six million jews died in the holocaust

    • HellHathNoFury

      *big jew*

  • depcrestwood

    Scooter was thrilled he was about to witness the best game of foursquare ever … Grandpa tried futilely to remember whose damn house this was.

  • D

    i wish my babysitter brought her friends over…

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Pedonorris aproves

  • Emperor-Elect

    ‘ Teen girl sleepover”
    ‘ Joy for the whole family’

  • depcrestwood

    “I’m Sean Astin …”
    “And I’m Ernest Borgnine …”
    “And we’re not just the presidents of the Pedobear Society of America, we’re also clients.”

  • Hotdog Neck

    If you wanna play Twister give a thumbs up!

  • depcrestwood

    He tried everything, but Mark Wahlberg just couldn’t get Kirk Douglas to crack a damn smile.

  • Anonymous

    Young guy, ” They are pretty hot until you look at their adam’s apple.”
    Grandpa, ” I thought i saw a weiner!!!”

  • depcrestwood

    Mike Nelson and Bill Corbet provide the RiffTraxx commentary for Mismatched Underwear Sappho Fuckfest 13.

  • Bill

    I told you grandpa! Nursing homes are so much better now a days.

  • KungFuSoccer

    Eany Meany Miney Moe, I wonder where these thumbs will go?

  • P Diddily

    To Catch a Predator: Father and Son Edition

  • jaredallas

    Pops would’ve agreed to the meeting earlier had he known Suicide Girls were nothing like Dr. Kevorkian.

  • Victor K

    Oops, I farted

  • booyah

    Oh look, the BIG DIPPER.

  • Cheeky

    “Dad, don’t worry, I told them I had a pirated copy of the new twilight movie”

    “Damn it sonny!, I already took my last viagra just so I can pee straight!! FUUUU!!!!”

  • MacHammer


  • Badfish

    “What the shit is this? I was promised a lemon party!”

  • Bouff

    It’s unfortunate that Zack Morris never stepped outside the halls of Bayside after he froze time.

  • Jim Miller

    Proof older men are invisible to young girls.

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