Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • aosux

    Who is #19…

    • aosux

      because someone stole my watch and she looks like she could be the culprit.

  • Vonshine

    I think she steal more souls then watches

  • nothus81

    #5 made me want to sanitize my fucking eyeballs

  • aosux

    The chick in #28 must be a real blonde. The smoke goes right through her head.

  • killerkitty

    #5 would have looked more convincing if the one on bottom didnt have his one foot on backwards…

  • Mason

    id like to know how the guy in 9 got the mutated sunflower form ninja turtles 2..

  • northerner

    #29 would be really hot if her boobs were about half their size. She’s got back troubles in her future, big time. Or breast reduction surgery. More than a mouthful’s wasted…

  • bobg4400

    #29 is amazing and in #5 the bottom guy’s right leg looks like its part of the bedspread picture

  • thomas

    jesus dog – 😀 29 – 😛

  • Anonymous

    why is that hellhathnofury girl so fucking belligerent?

  • olsarge

    where is #7…I’ll leave immediately

  • bacon

    #1 and #5 are so hot.

  • sunnyday

    #29 without those breasts, she'd work at kmart

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