Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Lestat

    so do i

  • angelo

    29, oh my god!

  • VoiceOfReason99

    #21, that running baby will never get old…………………. and yes, 29………….

  • VoiceOfReason99

    #5 made me puke in my mouth a little, i need to stare at 29 for a while

    • someguy

      # 5 Reminds of the question : If you have sex with your clone. … is it incest or masturbation ? Now I need clean my thoughts with #10 and #29.

      • rihughes

        #5 next time, photoshop yourself into a girl first.

    • BangBoomCrash

      #29 made my dick puke in my pants…

  • SushidoBlade

    10 Liar

    • HellHathNoFury

      Of course he’s lying. We all know that no hot girl ever has a boyfriend. They are destined to live sad, lonely, depressing lives because men are revolted by them, right? And become crazy cat ladies. Also, when they say they have boyfriends, they’re lying. Those men with them that look so happy? Those are highly-paid actors that have taken nausea pills to keep from vomiting all over their hot dates. They only show off their bodies as a last resort, to scare men off.

      • McBeastie

        Of course he’s lying, he’s on the internet. You don’t always have to play the devil’s advocate HH.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I refuse to play the other game, which is, ‘Jealous and Ignorant.’

          • Klive

            can I have yo numba!

      • Iambetterthanyou

        actually, that would be the professional lighting that means he's a liar.
        this is from a photoshoot.

    • archie goodwin

      i think he’s telling the truth, actually.

      • randomhero1218

        The dude is lying. If he really dated that chick he would have sent a non professional pic of his alleged ex

        • Jimbo

          Lighten up, Frances! Who cares if he actually dated her or not? Enjoy the pic and move on. Maybe his ex is a professional model. Jealous much?

          • Dan


            • Anonymous

              One of my faveourite passtimes

    • Nicnac

      how does that skinny of a girl have a muffin top? panties 2 sizes too small?

      • http://dragontamer363.deviantart.com/ dragontamer363

        The last time I checked, that’s how the human body works ;p

        • Dave


          • HellHathNoFury


    • ukenny

      If thats 1 of your exes, I think we will like the others as well. 😉

      • CunningLinguist

        LOUD NOISES!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    26 and 27 FTMFW.
    I would give two briefcases of waffles to whitewater with Batman.

    • Anonymous

      Hurry Robin, to the Bat Raft.

      • abh

        if the answer is “cock Robin”… what is the question?

        What’s up my arse Batman…

  • Yourmom

    for #10. More pics or your lying.

  • VoiceOfReason99

    those arent just waffles, those are EGGO waffles!!!

  • Jimbo

    Mariah with meat on her bones = hotter Mariah

    • Superfresh

      That pic would be 10X better if the mikestand broke.

      Will Farrell————————->

  • McBeastie

    #10 – I know, I fuckin’ know man…that it’s more likely your caption should have been on #12.

  • archie goodwin

    #2 make me smile
    #29 make my junk smile

  • hhnf isn't funny.....nor am i

    Anti-zombie tractor will totally come in handy when the pokahotness zombie attacks.
    I lik 29 alot.

  • Anonymous


    • Vonshine

      Go Montréal!

  • Leif Erikson


  • Balushi

    hhnf iz a sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut——————————–>

    • The Internet

      Damn Hhnf, in your face.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ooooh, someone who knows nothing of my sex life (or total lack thereof) is calling me a slut! I’m gonna go cry by my locker while you high-five your jock friends.

      • terry

        HHNF, so is your life just trolling chive and commenting on everythin the going back and seeing if anyone said anything about you or about you comment? i’m just wondering cuz you comment on like every post. are you really that sad and pathetic? i think you are. and don’t both saying anything back cuz i wont check this again cuz i have a job and life

        • HellHathNoFury

          Yes, terry. Sadly, my life as a welder on nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers is a boring one that includes lots of waiting, and I do, in fact, spend a lot of time on here while waiting for gas tags, blueprints and hotwork tags and firewatches. I could smoke, I could sit here and sleep, but sitting in a missile silo trolling the Chive is far more amusing.

          • terry

            ok guilty of being a dick. so you’re a terd chaser huh?

            • Anonymous

              Dammit terry! You said you weren’t going to check your posts 😦 I am dissapoint

        • HellHathNoFury

          And for someone with a job and life, you sure as shit know all about my comments. i’ll be off to the pub with my friends soon, and you’ll be….a loser. Sorry.

          • Anonymous

            hhnf sexy chiver among us pics??? welding masks?? sparks?? bet she’s hiding a ridiculous body behind all that wit

        • jeff in Australia

          Bet you do… Ha… you did… As a long time reader of HHNF’s comments, I should warn you to give up now.. Her brain, wit and humor would/will put you to shame…
          Oh…. sorry you know that already don’t you.. As a girl she is a better man than you will ever be.. and that statement is as stupid as yours, as I don’t know you either..
          But probably true..

          • rihughes

            Ya dickbag terry, As attacks on HHNF go that would have to earn you a big “V” for vaginal. (Thats the part of the girl where your mommy makes her money, go ask her.)

        • Mattythegooch

          Speaking of trolls, say hello to your mother for me.

          • terry

            sure thing man, you should know tho your mom says i’m better then you

            • Anonymous

              Aw, you came back, I was so hoping you were a man of your word… guess we all know what sort of a person you are now..
              We can never believe a word you type…

            • jeff in Australia

              The man of your word comment was from me…
              Jeff in Australia

              how the fuck did that happen..?

            • HellHathNoIrony

              Terry, is your life just trolling Chive and commenting on everything, then going back and seeing if anyone said anything about you or about your comment? I’m just wondering, ‘cuz you comment on, like, every post. Are you really that sad and pathetic? I think you are.

            • terry

              it was today. and i acknowledge what i said was a douche thing to say, cuz i do the same thing at work. i’m sorry

      • Kevrobmc


  • Duster

    #29 is fetish model Bianca Beauchamp. Google that and thank me later.

    • pirateburke

      i just did, thank you

  • NinjaDelivery

    #29 Oh Bianca Beauchamp sometimes you look like a latex tramp and sometimes you look like the best ad for T-shirts ever.

    • SreyaNotfilc

      “best ad for T-shirts” is an understatement.

  • Bozzo

    sorry sam, but they have a name for it, its “lesbian”

  • fa cue

    Is that the obelisk from 2001 in #6?

  • kikiklass

    #9 Shrek when he thinks Fiona is calling him ugly

  • z28js


    Of course. And it’s too bad that since she’s your ex, and not a current gf, obviously there’s no way you can provide additional pics of her holding up a note with chive on it, or anything else authenticative. Just one lonely professionally composed photo.

    That sucks.

  • Balas

    #5=photoshop fail.
    Look at the bottom man’s left foot: wrong angle!

  • canadianman

    # 1 “that one huge bitch”

  • chive

    fwiw, text in #27 says, “Eastern Sunz”, took me a while.

  • #29 OMFG


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